Nothing But Trouble.

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Johnny has a plan, Elizabeth makes a stand, and the Spencers set up Jax.

Nothing But Trouble. image

Nikolas and Brook return to Wyndemere after attending a charity event and promptly gets busy making out on the couch. The start taking off their clothes, as Elizabeth walks in. She angrily asks if Nikolas lost his mind, pointing out Aiden could easily walk in on them. Nikolas assures her he is in his nursery with the nanny. This causes Elizabeth to react more severely, as she accuses him of being an absentee father like he is with Spencer. Brook tells Elizabeth Nikolas is a great father, who is allowed to have a personal life and great sex. Liz responds that Aiden will no longer be allowed to live under this roof.


Lisa taunts Robin about Patrick at the hospital, as Patrick approaches. Terrell also joins the conversation, as Patrick lists Lisa's many misdeeds, pointing out she's gotten away with everything so far. However, he declares that will end soon. They argue as Steve walks up to tell them this needs to stop. If it doesn't, they will all be suspended.


As Abby and Michael talk about Brenda and Sonny at Kelly's, Johnny walks up. Abby panics because she still owes her former boss money. Johnny assures her she can take her time paying him back, but he lets her know the door at Vaughan's is always open. He then asks Michael about school and offers to pay their bill. Michael says he's got it and Johnny leaves. Abby thinks Johnny respects Michael, who notes it's strange considering he killed his sister.


Sam offers to help track down the Balkan at the penthouse, but Jason says no. Spinelli backs him up and then his computer hits on a Port Charles connection to the Balkan – a family aligned with the Corinthos organization. Jason leaves to take care of it because anyone who hurts Sam needs to be dealt with. After Jason has left and Sam heads upstairs to rest, Michael stops by. As he talks with Spinelli, the Jackal gets a call from Bernie. He takes a message for Jason about a shipment at the pier, which Michael takes note of. Spinelli tells Bernie finding Theo is Jason's first priority. After Spin hangs up, Michael assures him the shipment will be taken care of, but suggests he not worry Jason with it.

Jason holds Theo's contact at gunpoint in an office, demanding to know where the Balkan is. The man doesn't know where he is, but lets Jason know he put Theo in touch with Johnny Zacchara when he came to town.


Lisa races over to Johnny's, who is busy writing letters, to tell him how Patrick ripped into her. She doesn't understand it, but Johnny reminds her Patrick got married and moved on. Lisa starts to realize Patrick may never love her as much as she loves him. Johnny is happy to hear she is finally seeing things for how they are. Lisa gets a call from Steve who needs her to consult on a case with Patrick. She says she will be there right away. She tells Johnny working together will help Patrick remember how great they are together and make him want to be with her again. She leaves and Johnny sighs, as he returns to the letters he was writing.


Back at the hospital, Terrell questions Steve about whether or not the accusations against Lisa are true. Steve doesn’t know, as Patrick walks up to tell the chief of staff he can't work with Lisa. Steve reminds him this isn't high school. As Patrick consults with Lisa, both she and Robin receives texts from Johnny saying he has something for. Elizabeth returns to the hospital and calls on the paternity tests she recently submitted. She learns she will receive the results on Thursday.


Johnny returns to his place to find Jason waiting for him. Johnny assures Jason he didn’t know Theo was targeting Brenda and he had no involvement in Sam getting grabbed. He does own up to taking out the guy who was following Sam. Johnny notes he could have taken Jason out then too, so in a way, Jason owes him his life.

Robin heads to Kelly's, while Lisa shows up at the Metro Court. They receive notes from Johnny inviting them to his penthouse.


Michael returns to Kelly's where Abby invites him over for another dinner that night.


Jax meets with Alexis at the Metro Court to discuss his custody case. He wants primary custody of Josslyn and Morgan, but Alexis informs him that his delay in filing makes his adoption of Morgan not legal. Alexis will represent him, but she makes it clear he will have to make Carly look like an unfit mother and the kids will regrettably get involved.


Ethan and Luke discuss their plan to set up Jax on the Haunted Star. Carly walks in and says all Jax needs is a good scare, so she doesn't want Luke to call the cops about the diamonds being in his hotel room. Luke wonders how down and dirty she is willing to get if the plan doesn't work. Ethan heads off to learn Jax's schedule for the day, as Carly tells Luke he can't go rogue on her because Jax is not a monster. Alexis boards the boat and notes the two of them together could be nothing but trouble.


Luke and Ethan enter Jax's hotel room to plant the stolen diamonds in his safe. They scramble to hide, as Jax returns. Carly comes to Jax's door and argues with him, giving Ethan and Luke time to sneak out. Carly tells Jax Agent Bates is on his way to bust him for the stolen jewels unless he relents on the custody issues, as Alexis finds Ethan and Luke outside Jax's room.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny surprises Brenda.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he plans to marry Siobhan.

Robin and Lisa embark on a treasure hunt.

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