Spies Like Us.

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Robin and Patrick trespass, Brenda is found, and Kristina helps Ethan and Maya.

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At the station, Dante and Lulu discover Suzanne Stanwick didn't exist until a few years ago. Lulu wonders what makes people go undercover. Dante suggests she wanted to get close to Brenda. He needs to figure out Suzanne's real name though and thinks Spinelli can help him. They make plans to meet up later.


A sweaty and pale Jules falls into Sonny's arms as he tells him Brenda is close by, off the highway. He fears Theo will kill her.


Jason and Spinelli confront Suzanne at the penthouse with what they know about her. She explains she just wanted to know about her son, but Brenda never talked about the past. Jason wonders why she called him to protect Brenda last year. She says it was all for show and she thought Theo could handle him. She tried to placate Theo, while protecting Brenda. Jason orders her to tell him where Brenda is right now. Sonny walks in after Suzanne gives them directions to Theo's cave. Sonny gets caught up and then tells Jason about Jules. Spinelli thinks it might be a set up, but Suzanne swears it's not and offers to go in first to get Theo out of there. Sonny will give her a few minutes to get Theo out so he can go in and get Brenda. He declares if Brenda dies, Suzanne will shortly follow. Dante stops by to tell them he's going after Theo with them so he can take him into custody.


When Brenda can't give Theo the answers he's looking for in his lair, his henchman injects Brenda with a deadly neuro-toxin that will paralyze her and stop her lungs from functioning. As Jason, Sonny and Dante surround the place, Suzanne comes to Theo's office and finds Brenda passed out. Theo knows she's brought Sonny and the cops to his door. She assures him Dante won't let Sonny execute him, but Theo reminds her Dante threw their son into the harbor. When Theo hears the signal from Dante's gun, he grabs Suzanne and walks her out of the room. Theo and his men bring Suzanne out to Dante and Jason with guns drawn, as Sonny finds a semi-conscious Brenda. He pulls her into his arms and promises to get her out of there.


After having sex on the couch at Johnny's, Lisa suggests they take a shower. They head upstairs, giving Matt and Maxie the opportunity to sneak out. Once in the hallway, Maxie kisses Matt in celebration over hearing Lisa and Johnny admit to having the syringe.


At the hospital, Robin second guesses herself in regards to not knowing Theo was the Balkan. She tells Patrick she can't even help Terrell with the grant right now because she's so preoccupied. Patrick points out Terrell has ulterior motives when it comes to their project. Robin insists there's nothing going on between them. Matt and Maxie race in to tell the Drakes they overheard Johnny and Lisa talking about the syringe. They think it's still in Johnny's apartment. Patrick wonders, "Now what?" Robin says she has an idea. As the Drakes discuss their plan, Maxie assures Matt things will work out for the estranged couple. Matt questions Maxie about her history with Johnny. She assures him they only had a serious flirtation. He apologizes for doubting her when she said she saw Lisa try to inject Robin's IV. She is stunned to hear him admit to being wrong. He smiles and says he is very glad to do so.


After their shower, Johnny encourages Lisa to stop wasting her time in Port Charles chasing Patrick. Lisa thinks they can still have what they shared in college. Johnny tells her she's the only one who thinks that because Patrick doesn’t love her. She doesn’t want to ruin the good time they're having, so they head out to get something to eat. Once they're gone, Robin picks the lock, as Patrick stands guard. They debate who should be the look out and who should search the place. Robin reminds him her parents are spies so he should listen to her. Johnny and Lisa return to find Patrick and Robin. Johnny draws his gun and says he will call the cops, noting the irony of the law being on his side for once.


Ethan finds Kristina at Kelly's and sits with her as she does homework. They discuss the explosion and she tells him how great he was that night. She wishes there was something she could do to help her dad. Ethan thinks if anyone can find Brenda it's Sonny. She grabs his hands, noting he always knows what to say to her. Maya walks in asking if she should be jealous. Kristina looks mortified, as Ethan declares Kristina wants to marry him. Ethan and Maya joke around about it and then sit at a table behind the teen. Ethan complains that Edward is driving him crazy and asks if they can find their own place, as Kristina eavesdrops. Maya doesn’t want to leave Edward right now. Ethan says he will stick around as long as she needs him to, but he wants to look around. She agrees, but insists they have to meet with Edward once a week. Kristina tells them her neighbor is renting out their guest house. She says it would be fun to be neighbors. They decide to check it out, as a leery Maya subtly stakes her claim to Ethan.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda is rushed to the hospital.

Johnny protects Lisa.

Kristina remains opposed to Michael dating Abby.

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