Clink. Boom. Redux.

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Sonny and Brenda's happy day ends in an unexpected way, Dante appeals to Lulu, and Michael and Abby grow closer.

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After getting punched out at Lulu's, Dante notes she has a nice right hook. She can't believe he didn't tell her about Brenda's baby. Dante didn't think it mattered because the baby wasn't his and it didn't survive anyway. He promises there are no more lies. It doesn't matter to Lulu because she won't be able to trust him. Dante tries to convince her otherwise, but Lulu doesn't think they work. He made a mistake and she can't get over it. He thinks she's just looking for a reason to bail and he's given it to her. She thinks she set the bar too high and expected him to be perfect. He's committed to making this work and asks her to meet him half way, or even a tenth of the way. Lulu says she misses him. He thinks that's a good start. She wants them to be as happy as they were, but they aren't there yet. He agrees to leave her alone, but he reserves the right to fight for her tomorrow and the days after that. He tells her he loves her and leaves, as Lulu cries.


As they dance, Brenda tells her husband she will never be known as Brenda Barrett again. She is now officially Brenda Corinthos. Sonny is happy to say they are husband and wife and he kisses his bride. Out in the corridor, Molly and Morgan interrupt Michael as he is about to kiss Abby. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Luke he needs to stop Dante from working his way back into Lulu's life. Luke doesn’t want to get involved, but says he already gave his daughter his advice on love. On the dance floor, Patrick dances with Carly, who notes he's pining over Robin. She admits she's bad at the happy, love thing, but wishes him luck. At a nearby table, Brook Lynn questions Nikolas on his issues with Sonny. Nikolas won't go into their past, but he says he made a promise to his mother to be civil. He mentions he told Laura about her. Brook wonders what he said. Nikolas relayed to Laura that Brook works for him and he holds her in high regard. Michael brings Abby inside the reception and introduces her to Edward, who is taken by her. He wonders how the two became acquainted and Molly jumps in asking Edward to dance. Carly walks over to her son and Abby and says she's glad Sonny invited her. Morgan asks his mother to dance, as Michael kisses Abby on the cheek. Robin clinks her glass to get the room's attention and makes a speech, wishing Sonny and Brenda a lifetime of happiness. Michael, Morgan, Molly and Kristina all speak as well and express their happiness for the couple and welcome Brenda to the family. Sonny is next. He tells the kids how much he loves them. He also says Brenda makes his life complete and he can't wait to spend the rest of his life with her. The Corinthos' cut the cake and when it's time to toss the bouquet, Abby asks Michael to walk her home. She says her goodbyes to Sonny and Brenda, who are happy she came. Brenda tosses her bouquet and Kristina catches it, but Sonny tells her she can't get married for a few decades. Ethan sits with Kristina and notes how far she's come in regards to her father. She credits therapy and Ethan for helping her. He thinks she's a special young lady and asks her to dance. As they do, Kristina declares she will marry him someday. Ethan just laughs. Dante returns to the reception and congratulates the happy couple. Brenda and Sonny make their exit, as their guests throw flower pedals and wish them well. Sonny puts Brenda in the limo, which then explodes.

Jax brings Alexis to the Metro Court bar. They come up with several things to drink to, which mostly involve their failed relationships. Alexis adds they should also drink to facing the future with open hearts and they clink glasses.


Michael walks Abby home. She tells him his toast was perfect. He says he was nervous, but once he caught her eye, he felt okay. They tell each other how much they mean to each other and Michael wonders where they go from here. They move in close and kiss.


The Balkan taunts Sam from the backseat of her car. He says her resemblance to Brenda will cost Sam her life.


After Jason escapes the gunfire at the Pine Barrens, he calls Spinelli to meet him at the penthouse. Once there, they get to work on tracking the Balkan.


As she drives, Carly happens upon Shawn, who is lying outside on the ground. She gets out of her car and he pulls his gun on her. He orders her to help him. She says she will get him to safety and helps him into her car.


Carly brings Shawn to her house and helps him to the couch. She gets out her first aid kit and tries to patch him up, but thinks he needs a doctor. He says no. As she tends to him, she secretly pulls out her phone and calls Jason, who hears Shawn and Carly talking about being at her house. Jason later busts in with his gun drawn, but Carly tells Jason not to shoot Shawn.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael is there for his father.

Franco calls Jason.

Sonny realizes the body is not who they think.

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