There's an Objection During the Ceremony.

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Carly's lips remain sealed when the Pastor asks for objections, Sam singlehandedly goes after Shawn and Lisa and Johnny do the deed.

There's an Objection During the Ceremony. image

Jason and Sam key into Theo’s room at The Metro Court but nobody is there. They find a note, however, which proves that he is the Balkan. It doesn’t take Jason long to figure out that Shawn is the guy that has been hired to nab Brenda.

Lisa barges into Johnny’s penthouse and demands to know what he wants. He tells her she can start by taking off her clothes in order to buy his silence about the syringe. She clearly doesn’t like being backed into a corner, but slowly takes off her blouse. Johnny smirks and comments that she really is just like his sister. He averts his eyes and tells her to get dressed. He says that the road she’s traveling down with Patrick is exactly what happened to Claudia when she fell for Sonny. He lectures her about picking a man who will respect her and not treat her like dirt. Lisa asks for a drink and asks why he gives a damn about her anyway. When he tells her that he should’ve been there to save Claudia, Lisa tenderly kisses him and they fall to the couch.

Over in Ireland, Siobhan, her Meghan and Lucky make it back to the apartment. Lucky reminds the girls that even though the Balkan’s thugs are in custody, they are likely still in danger. Megan tries to recall everything she heard while being held hostage and says that she heard the Balkan yell at the men once for interrupting his time with his wife. She’s unable to remember anything else of consequence and then begs Siobhan to come into hiding with her. Lucky says that’s not a bad idea. Siobhan is upset that he would send her off and insists that she doesn’t need protecting.


Back in Port Charles, Robin makes a plea to Edward to walk Brenda down the aisle. Edward would be happy to play the role of the patriarch, but it would have to be a different groom. Molly takes it all in, but says nothing until someone suggests that they call Jason. She says that Jason must have a good reason for being late.


Inside the pavilion, the guests are getting restless. Everyone silently speculates whether Brenda is going to leave Sonny standing at the altar this time around. Jax concedes to Alexis that he wouldn’t put it past Carly to have something up her sleeve. Luke steps up to the altar to stand by Sonny to offer some support. He asks whether Carly might have a legitimate reason for wanting the wedding not to happen? Sonny doesn’t want to hear anything Carly has to say about his bride.


Carly is indeed back in the bridal room with Brenda. She finally plays her trump card, “How long do you think Sonny will love you when he finds out that you made him a grandfather?” Brenda doesn’t miss a beat and asks Carly why she didn’t save this little announcement for the middle of the ceremony? Carly claims not to want to hurt Sonny and her kids. Brenda reminds Carly that she slept with her mother’s husband and Carly just laughs. When the wedding march begins, Carly tells her that if she doesn’t walk out and get into the waiting limo the whole world is going to know about the baby. Brenda snarls and walks out the door.


Back at the altar, Sonny finally speaks and thanks the crowd for their patience. He says he’ll go find out what’s going on. When he goes into the vestibule, Robin fills him in that there’s no one to walk Brenda down the aisle. Sonny starts to go toward Brenda’s room, but she appears and saves him the trip.

Before too long, Sonny returns to the altar and announces that they are going to proceed with the ceremony even though a member of the wedding party hasn’t shown up. Carly breezes in and takes a seat in the front row.


Jason shows up in the vestibule just in time to walk Brenda down the aisle. Robin tells him that Carly appears to have something up her sleeve and asks if he can handle her if she starts something.


The wedding processional starts with Molly walking straight into her Uncle Sonny’s arms. Next, Kristina takes her turn down the aisle. Robin says her goodbyes to Brenda and then heads enters the sanctuary. Jason asks Brenda if she’s positive about marrying Sonny and then they go inside. Brenda and Sonny only have eyes for each other as she inches her way towards him. Morgan stands, does a reading about the gift of family and welcomes Brenda to the family. The ceremony continues without a hitch and when the ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ part comes around Brenda notices that Carly has opened her purse. Very quietly, Brenda murmurs to Sonny that she is very sorry and that she is going to have to object.


Meanwhile, Shawn returns to the Balkan’s office and finds it empty. He calls him and leaves a message that there’s been a problem nabbing Brenda and asks how he should proceed. Sam bursts in and tells him to put the phone down. He does, but he’s able to grab her and hold her at gunpoint. Sam tells him that the Balkan left to make him deal with the fallout. Sean says that having a hostage will help him to come out alive. That’s when Jason appears.


The Balkan shows up at a secretive-looking office deep within a cave. His attendant promptly gives him some hand sanitizer and asks what he’s done now.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda and Dante explain the truth of their past.

Sonny makes a decision about the wedding.

Shawn switches sides.

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