You Give Me Fever.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Brook one-ups Liz, Lisa puts a plan in motion, and Sonny and Brenda's wedding hits another snag.

You Give Me Fever. image

Patrick meets Johnny at Jake's and demands to know how long he plans to protect Lisa, who walks in and sits at the bar. Johnny pretends not to know what he's talking about, as Lisa leaves. Patrick says Johnny is the key to his family's safety and he needs him to tell him the truth.

Lisa heads to the hospital and tells Terrell to get a room at the Metro Court and wait. Meanwhile, Steve tells Liz they are going to Jake's to kick back with a couple of drinks. Then, Epiphany gives Robin a case file that Patrick wants her to consult on. Robin is irritated he expects her to come to his hotel room to discuss it at the last minute.


As Steve and Elizabeth have a drink at Jake's, Steve sees Olivia. When he walks over to talk to her, Elizabeth takes the opportunity to horn in on Brook and Nikolas' date at a nearby table. As they flirt, Olivia invites Steve over her place so she can cook him dinner. Meanwhile, Elizabeth talks to Nikolas about the kids. Brook Lynn trumps her when she gets up on stage to perform a sultry song.


Lisa heads to the Metro Court and bribes the hotel clerk for Terrell's number. She then tells him to instruct Robin to go to Terrell's room when she asks for Patrick's. As Terrell leaves Lisa a message informing her of the preparations he's made for the two of them, Lisa watches as the hotel clerk gives Robin Terrell's room number. Once Robin has stepped on the elevator, Lisa gives the clerk more money to call Patrick and instruct him to go to Terrell's room.


Upstairs at the hotel, Robin knocks on what she thinks is Patrick's door, but Terrell answers in nothing but a towel.


At the loft, Carly tells Michael she made an appointment for him with a therapist tonight. Michael is furious and tells her he can do this himself. Carly just wanted to make it easier for him. Michael agrees to go, but asks to stop blaming herself for what happened. As they start to leave, Dante and Lulu walk in. Michael apologizes for how he handled things earlier, but Dante tells him he never has to apologize to him – ever. Lulu doesn’t know what they are talking about, but announces Dante is considering resigning from the force. Carly pointedly suggests he wait until Michael meets his parole conditions, considering Dante being a cop was part of why he was released into his custody. Carly and Michael exit, leaving a bewildered Lulu wondering what's really going on. She puts the pieces together and realizes Michael was raped in prison. Dante confirms it and fills in the blanks for her.

Carly brings Michael to the hospital for his appointment and tells her son how proud she is of him.

After Michael's appointment, he walks outside and grows angry thinking about what happened to him. He starts throwing things around in the alley.


Michael returns to the loft and Dante tells him Lulu knows about the rape. Michael recalls how Lulu helped him when he first woke up from his coma. He trusts she won't tell anyone and says the therapist thinks opening up about what happened will help him move on. Michael knows Franco is the reason he was raped and he needs to make him pay.


Sam tells Jason at the penthouse, having a baby is not something she wants to pursue because her life is not conducive to having a child. She's okay with that because she loves their life. She doesn’t even think she needs to take the pregnancy test because she would know if she were pregnant. They move on to discussing Brenda's destroyed wedding dress. Brenda thinks Carly could have done it, but Jason isn't so sure.

A mysterious person sets off the sprinklers inside the Archer Pavilion.


At the cottage, Sonny calls Max and leaves a message demanding to know how someone got close enough to Brenda to rip up her wedding dress. Brenda tells him it's not Max's fault Carly is allowed in and out of the penthouse. They argue about Carly, but Sonny thinks Carly isn't the problem. He's concerned about the Balkan. She asks if he wants to cancel the wedding. He says no, he wants to know if she wants to elope. She says he's right – it's about the marriage not the wedding day. However, she doesn't want to exclude his kids from their big day. As look forward to their future, Carol Chang runs in to tell them their wedding site is under water.


Jason finds Carly at the Metro Court bar. He asks her if she did anything to Brenda's wedding dress. She gets defensive and says she would have, but she didn't. Ronnie stops by to question Carly about the fire sprinklers going off at the Archer Pavilion.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ronnie questions Carly.

Dante tries to get through to Michael.

Matt encourages Maxie to meddle.

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