External Forces.

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Brenda confronts Carly, Sonny reassures Michael, and Tracy wants a divorce.

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Jax finds Carly in a surly mood at the Metro Court. He wants to help, but she doesn’t want to talk about it with him. She thinks all their conversations should go through the divorce lawyers. Jax implores her to remember their love, but then Brenda walks in with Robin. She lunges after Carly, but the guard holds Brenda back, as Jax grabs Carly. Brenda accuses Carly of destroying her wedding dress. Jax asks if she did and Carly assures them she would come up with something better than ripping up her dress if she wanted to stop the wedding. More words are exchanged and after Jax expresses his doubts, Carly storms off. Jax tells Brenda if Carly did this and it stops her wedding, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Suzanne joins them and tells Brenda Ernesto Cartulo wants to talk to her, but Brenda just wants to go see Sonny.


At the loft, Sonny tells Michael he knows he was raped in prison. Dante leaves to give them some time alone. Sonny tells Michael he will be there for him to help him. Michael doesn't know how he can and wishes he never knew. Michael doesn't want him to be ashamed of him. Sonny says he could never be ashamed of him. He loves him so much his heart breaks. He tells his son he will be alright and hugs him. Sonny assures Michael he has never disappointed him. In fact he's never been more proud of him. Michael learns Carly told Sonny and wishes she hadn't. Sonny tells his son nothing he could ever do would make him stop loving him. Sonny urges him to not keep everything inside because the rage will eat at him. Sonny believes it will be tough to work through, but Michael will come out of this better at the end. After Sonny has left, Carly stops by. Michael tells her he knows she told Sonny about the rape. He's not mad though and he knows they love him. Carly apologizes for not realizing what was going on with him. She's angry that this whole thing happened to him.


Maxie and Lulu gang up on Sam suggesting she could be pregnant at Jake's. Sam gets frustrated as she continually denies it. They suggest she get a pregnancy test. After Sam has left, Dante walks in and Maxie encourages Lulu to talk to him. When Lulu won't budge, Maxie runs over to Dante. She wonders why he's letting Lulu slip away. Lulu walks up and sends Maxie off. Dante tells her Maxie is passionate about them getting back together. Lulu asks if he resigned from the force. Dante goes on a rant about Michael. Lulu can see he's in a bad mood and says he should come with her.


Sonny meets Brenda at the cottage. She hides her dress, but expresses her fear about the external forces trying to keep them apart. Sonny tells her they are unstoppable. Brenda shows him her ripped dress and tells him Carly did it.


At Lucky's place, Jason warns him Siobhan could be setting him up, so he shouldn’t go to Ireland with her. Lucky defends her and Siobhan states her case. When he doesn’t get anywhere, Jason tells Lucky to be careful and warns Siobhan she won't be able to hide if something happens to Lucky. After he leaves, Siobhan tells Lucky she doesn't want him to endanger his life so he shouldn’t go to Ireland with her. She says she will find Megan and then they will run away together. Afterwards, Lucky can imagine a life without her. Lucky tells her before he met her he was running from pain. Everything has changed now, so he won't be imagining his life without her anytime soon. She agrees to let him go with her, but then Ronnie comes over. She hides as he tells Lucky he's there to do him a favor: Take Siobhan back into custody. Lucky implores him to forget what he knows so he can save lives. Ronnie agrees to cover for him, but tells him to make it count.

Robin meets Jason at the penthouse and shows him Brenda's dress. She says they think it was Carly's doing, but Jason knows she has more important things on her mind right now. Later, Sam enters the empty penthouse with a pregnancy test. She hides when Jason returns, but he feels like he is interrupting something. She confesses that she bought a pregnancy test.


Mac hauls Tracy to the station for smuggling diamonds, as Maya, Ethan, Brook, Nikolas and Luke follow. Luke says he'll get her out of this, but she just wants him to go. He tells her not without his wife, so she tells him to settle in. Luke calls Alexis, who runs in dressed in her pajamas. Alexis can't believe she was called out at this hour for Tracy's arrest. Mac says he will release Tracy on her own recognizance and they will sort it out in the morning. Tracy tells him if it's a choice between Luke and lock up, she'll take lock up. Tracy insists she's innocent and hires Alexis to get the charges dropped and push her divorce from Luke through. Mac just orders everyone out.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny wants to elope.

Michael goes to his first therapy session.

Lisa fuels Patrick's jealousy over Terrell and Robin.

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