No Time For a Breakdown.

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Tracy is arrested, Lucky and Siobhan continue their ruse, and Sonny finds out about Michael.

No Time For a Breakdown. image

Carly enters Sonny's bedroom at the country house and tells him Michael was raped. Sonny demands to know who did it because he wants to kill him. Carly tells him it was Carter and Jason already did that in prison. Sonny doesn’t think it's right what Michael has gone through because of him. Carly counters that it's all Dante's fault. Sonny defends his first born. Carly tells Sonny Michael needs his support and she asks him not to marry Brenda. Sonny won't go there right now. Carly reminds him he has a tendency to go to dark places and right now is a bad time for Brenda to push him into a breakdown. Carly leaves and Brenda returns with cake options for their wedding. Sonny tells her Michael is going through a rough time right now. She asks if she can help, but he just wants to taste the cakes.


Sam tells Jason at the penthouse, that Spinelli found the fertility pamphlets and got really excited about her being pregnant. Jason broaches the subject of the procedure, but is interrupted by Michael, who comes to the door. Sam leaves and Jason assures Michael he didn’t tell Sam what happened to him – that's up to him. Michael promises he'll go to counseling, but he needs Jason to promise him that no matter what happens, he won't tell Sonny he was raped. As they talk, the wedding planner urgently knocks on the door. Jason opens it to find her with Brenda's dress. She goes upstairs to leave it in her room and then leaves. Jason tries to convince Michael to tell his father. Michael thinks Sonny will see him as weak, but Jason thinks it will be just the opposite. Later, Robin and Brenda return to the penthouse as Carly emerges from upstairs. Carly hides, as Robin tries to get Brenda to go upstairs to try on her wedding dress. Brenda says she's having a hard time getting excited because she knows Carly is trying to destroy the wedding. Carly listens as Brenda and Robin trash her. Robin wants to see Brenda's dress and they head upstairs. Carly angrily walks out, looks upstairs and leaves. Meanwhile, Brenda finds her dress shredded on her bed.


Lucky brings Siobhan to the interrogation room, where they drop their cop/suspect act. Theo walks in and says he was at the station on another matter and sees that Siobhan needs his help. They step outside the room and Lucky tells Theo he can see her after she's been processed. Lucky returns to Siobhan who is now dressed as a cop. He leads her out of the station, passing an unaware Theo. Jason enters looking for Lucky and Theo tells him Lucky has arrested Siobhan, but it's clearly a conflict of interest.


Lucky brings Siobhan to his place where he tries to get her to remember anything that could help locate her sister. She remembers hearing a bell second time she talked to Megan. It sounded like the one back home to signal the ferry. Lucky makes plans to head to Ireland and promises to do what he can to get her and her sister out safely. As they leave, they run into Jason, who can't let them go anywhere.


In his loft, Dante continues to blame himself for Michael's issues and doesn't think he should be a cop. Lulu tries to reassure him that it wasn't his fault and that he shouldn't give up. He thinks that's what they are doing with their relationship, but it's actually for the best. Lulu hopes he makes the right decision. After Lulu has left, Sonny stops by and Dante immediately senses that he knows about Michael. Dante is prepared to be blamed by his father, but Sonny knows Michael is suffering for the choices they all made. Dante says he is so sorry and he doesn’t know what to do. Sonny doesn’t have an answer and doesn’t know how to begin to help him. Michael walks in and upon seeing Sonny's face, says to Dante, "You told him?"


Sam meets Maxie at Jake's. Maxie never thought Sam was the kind of woman who pined over having kids. Lulu joins them and as Sam gets up to buy them more drinks she gets dizzy. Maxie thinks she could be pregnant.


Nikolas and Brook Lynn board the Haunted Star and learn from Maya and Ethan they are closed until Luke returns. Ethan thinks that will be any day now because Luke sent Spanky Buns a caseload of expensive wine. Tracy enters and says she can't be bribed by Luke after what he pulled on their honeymoon. Ethan says Tracy won't be involved in the jewel heist because he already got Maxie to sign for them. Tracy says Luke can smuggle as long as he doesn't use her as his mule. Luke returns and Tracy embraces him, as she thanks him for leaving her out of his most recent scheme. Luke says he'll put the wine away and then they can have a toast. Tracy tells him not to worry about the jewels because she already found them. Ethan and Lucky admit Maxie was a decoy and Tracy says she will keep them as payment for all money he owes her. Mac walks in and arrests Tracy for jewel smuggling on behalf of Interpol.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda accuses Carly of trashing her wedding dress.

Sonny talks to Michael about Pentonville.

Tracy refuses Luke's help.

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