Best Laid Plans.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Lucky's plan hits a snag, Nikolas becomes jealous, Terrell crashes and burns, and Dante is racked with guilt.

Best Laid Plans. image

After Siobhan talks with the Balkan on the phone outside, Shawn bumps into her and says he's working for Theo. He asks her what she remembers about her time being held by the Balkan. She tries to put him off, but he makes veiled threats about her immigration status. Siobhan gets nervous, but then Molly happens upon them and is excited to see Shawn. As they talk, Siobhan slips away. Molly tells him about her therapy and he shares he goes to support groups. She invites him to a group she's going to that includes a lot of veterans. He suggests she just stick to her therapist, because listening to a lot of vets could be too intense.


Lucky meets with Jason and Dante at the restaurant office. He tells them why Siobhan is working for the Balkan, but Dante still doesn't trust her. Dante leaves to talk to Abby and Lucky defends his belief in Siobhan to Jason. Lucky says he and Dante don't have to believe him, but once he and Siobhan catch the Balkan, they will owe them one hell of an apology.


After Lucky and Siobhan go over their plan, Siobhan meets with the Balkan in the confessional. Lucky sits in a pew hoping to get a look at the Balkan as he exits the confessional, but Shawn knocks him out from behind.


Michael visits Abby in the hospital and says if Brandon did rape her, it's okay to tell him about it. Carly listens in from the hallway as Michael admits to Abby he was raped in prison. Abby cries as she promises she wasn't raped because he saved her. Carly walks in and apologies to Abby. She knows Abby has been a good friend to Michael and she is glad he was able to help her. Abby is grateful and calls Michael an amazing man. Carly leaves and Dante returns to question Abby. Michael decides to also tell his brother about his rape in Pentonville. Stunned, Dante blames himself, but Michael doesn't blame him. Dante says Michael's a better man than he's ever been. Dante tells him he can just sign a statement about Abby's attack, but Michael wants to testify. Dante tells Abby she has a hell of a friend. Abby concurs, "The best I've ever had." Once alone, Abby asks if Michael is going to tell his father about the rape. Michael doesn’t know if he can do that. He also doesn’t know how he's going to be able to tell a complete stranger in therapy what happened to him. However, he says stopping Brandon helped him take some of his power back.


Suzanne visits Brenda at the penthouse upon returning from Somalia. She was near the town where she lost the baby. Brenda tells her it's okay to talk about it now. Brenda doesn't want to keep secrets from Sonny now that she's marrying him. Suzanne thinks she could just not marry him. Brenda is tired of hearing that and says they are getting married no matter what. Once Suzanne is gone, Carly bursts in and Brenda asks her not to go to Sonny because she and Jax are done now. Carly tells her there are more important things going on like what's going on with her kids. Brenda questions her about what's going on, but Carly says it's none of her business. Carly leaves and Jason returns home. He tells Brenda Siobhan has been working for the Balkan, who plans to grab her at her wedding.


Shaken, Dante enters his loft and thinks about his part in sending Michael to prison. Carly knocks on his door. He lets her in and tells her he knows about Michael. Carly lashes out at him for what he's done. She picks up Dante's gun and points it at him, saying he deserves to rot in hell for what he did to her kid. He says she should pull the trigger because she can't possibly hate him more than he hates himself.


Epiphany gives Terrell a gift Robin left for him for helping her out with her garage door. Lisa sees it and asks what his next move is. Terrell says he's going to ask her out for dinner on Valentines' Day. Lisa thinks he's overreaching, but he's confident. Robin steps off the elevator and Terrell heads over to her. Patrick interrupts them to discuss Valentine's Day plans regarding Emma. The parents walk away and Lisa calls Terrell out on failing with Robin, but Terrell is undeterred. Later, Terrell asks Robin if she has plans for Valentine's Day. She tells him she has a hot date at the cupcake shop.


Nikolas and Brook dine with a business associate, who is taken with Brook. Nikolas is clearly unnerved by the man, who asks Brook out. Nikolas says they have a previous engagement in Manhattan so Brook is unavailable. After the man leaves, Brook accuses Nikolas of being jealous. Nikolas thinks maybe they should go out for real and Brook rips up the man's business card and says maybe they should.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for All My Children:

Dante considers quitting the force.

Sonny has another nightmare.

Lisa sabotages Robin and Patrick's plans.

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