Time Is Of The Essence.

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Shawn carries out his first assignment, Terrell makes inroads, and Steve and Olivia grow closer.

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Dante drops by to pick up his mother at the hospital, but she knows something is wrong. He tells her Lulu broke up with him. Olivia knows it was his fault because Lulu is so in love with him. Dante explains what happened and Olivia advises him to put himself in Lulu's place. He says if he were her, he wouldn’t be able to trust himself, but he can't give up on her. Dante asks if she's ready to leave, but Steve walks in wondering if Olivia is ready to blow this joint. As Olivia deals with her discharge, Dante acts the protective son and suggests Steve wait to wine and dine his mother. He accuses him of taking advantage of her as Olivia returns. She drags Dante out in the hall ordering him to keep his nose out of her private life. She thinks he's butting into her private life because he doesn’t want to deal with his own. He retorts that he cares about her and doesn't want her to get hurt.


Steve brings Olivia home, who wants to cook for him, but he takes over and makes them grilled cheese sandwiches. She tells him he is an incredible guy and the more she gets to know him, the more she likes him. He returns the sentiment.


Robin runs into the hospital late because of a garage door mishap. Patrick says he'll come by to check out the garage door, but Robin says she needs to start doing things on her own. Later, Terrell offers to help Robin when she can't book a repair man. Patrick wonders why she didn't let him take care of it, as Lisa privately notes to Terrell he's no handyman. Elsewhere, Ethan finds Maya and tells her they lost their apartment because she didn’t give the landlord their deposit. He thinks she truly wants to stay at the mansion because she can't leave Edward.

Tracy invites Brook to the mansion for lunch, but her granddaughter is suspicious. Tracy wants her to quit her job as Nikolas' companion. Brook defends Nikolas, leading Tracy to ask if she's in love with him. Brook just doesn't want to get off the gravy train and she won't let Elizabeth get her hooks back into Nik. She also points out her granny got the guy she wants, so why can she? Tracy tells her to go get her man, but if he so much as looks at her cross-eyed, she will get him. Edward enters the room after Brook has left. Maya and Ethan enter to announce they will be staying there. Edward is thrilled but Tracy is disdainful knowing Ethan isn't happy about the arrangement. Edward takes Ethan out of the room, as Tracy confronts Maya, who tells her she didn’t really want to leave.

Brook arrives at the hospital and finds Nikolas with Elizabeth. Brook asks him to hit a new sushi place with her, but he declines because of his plans with Liz and Aiden.


As Sam walks into Jason's penthouse, she calls Dr. Lee to tell her she's not ready to have a baby just yet. Jason walks downstairs and they discuss Michael and Spinelli, who runs in the door ready to work with Sam. Jason leaves and Sam tells Spinelli she wishes Jason had something to distract him.


Theo brings Shawn to the office. Shawn wonders what his job has to do with kidnapping a bride at her wedding. Alexis and Diane walk in and meet their new investigator/security consultant. Alexis recognizes Shawn's name as the man who helped Molly. Alexis and Diane leave and Shawn says he'll get started on that job. Theo reminds him time is of the essence. Jason drops by and talks business with Diane, who is also worried Max is working too much guarding Brenda. Theo walks in and wants to sit in on their meeting, but Jason declares he only deals with Diane.


Maxie finds Lulu wallowing on the couch at their place. Lulu says she can't go into work and asks her roomie to cover for her with Kate. Maxie thinks if she's so upset, she might want to take Dante back. Lulu can't be with a man who is half in love with another woman.


Shawn finds Johnny on the street and beats him up. Johnny says he got the message. After Shawn has left, Lulu finds Johnny on the ground.

Lulu takes Johnny back to his penthouse and they find Lisa already inside.


Shawn returns to the office and meets Jason, who wonders why they need a security advisor. Theo explains he needs a detective to investigate Banovic, which means he will also need security from the Balkan. Shawn asks Jason what he knows about the Balkan. Once alone, Shawn tells Theo he gave Johnny his message and he will cooperate. Theo says it's all a simple case of vengeance. Dante walks in as Theo says a man died and his family deserves justice.

Jason returns home and finds Sam's pamphlet on the fertility procedure. He wonders if she's thinking about having a baby.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Dante and Theo argue.

Lucky and Jason grow suspicious.

Brook gets the upper hand on Liz.

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