No One Can Predict The Future.

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Patrick seethes with jealousy, Molly makes a new friend, and Brandon is back.

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At the Metro Court, Dante assumes the papers Carly has are to petition a change in Michael's living arrangements. Carly tells him what she does is her business, but that he shouldn’t be in charge of her son. Dante mentions Lulu dumped him, as they exchange heated words. Carly tells him he's deserves whatever he's got coming and she can't wait to watch.


A man named Shawn helps Molly outside after she freaks out over a car crash. He asks if she wants him to call anyone, but Molly tells him she diagnosed herself as bipolar and she doesn’t want her mother to worry. He asks what her symptoms are. She tells him and explains about the car accident that set her off this time. Shawn can relate to what she's going through. He says he's a marine and has post-traumatic stress disorder. He shares his experiences and Molly tells him about the bus accident. As he encourages her to let out her feelings, Carly walks by. She asks if Molly is okay. Molly says no, but she's getting better thanks to her new friend. Shawn introduces himself to Carly saying he is in security and has an interview with a local law firm. Carly thanks him for stopping to help Molly and Shawn leaves.


Carly brings Molly home to Alexis. She gives Alexis Shawn's card and tells her about how he helped Molly. Carly leaves and Molly explains to her mother how she thought she had bipolar disorder, but now she thinks she has PTSD. Alexis suggests she go see a therapist so they can work it out as a family.

Carly finds Shawn at the Metro Court bar. She wants to thank him and offers him a room and anything else at the hotel for free. He thinks that's awfully generous considering she knows nothing about him.


Lucky demands to know what's really going on with Siobhan in the alley. He doesn’t think she really wants to break up and accuses her of being afraid, but he doesn't know why. She denies it but then he kisses her. She walks away because he won't listen to her.


As Patrick seethes at the bar with Matt, Robin and Terrell bond over their separate times in Paris while playing darts. Matt joins them and then brings Patrick over. He pulls Robin aside under the guise of needing her advice on where he should take Maxie on a date. Robin sees through him though. Matt tells Robin if she's trying to make Patrick jealous, she's succeeding. Robin insists she and Terrell are just friends. Matt wonders if Terrell feels the same. Matt puts in a good word for Patrick and then leaves. Meanwhile, Patrick reminds Terrell Robin is married. Terrell scoffs and says they are just friends – at this point. He says no one can predict the future and anything can change at any time. Since they are separated he doesn’t think Patrick has any say in the matter. Terrell finishes up darts with Patrick and then takes off. Robin accuses Patrick of being jealous of Terrell, but he denies it. Robin says she likes the new doc and thinks they'll be spending some time together. In another part of the bar, Lulu meets with Lucky, who is worried about her, but she's mad at him for keeping the secret about Dante. He says it wasn't his secret to tell. Lucky defends Dante saying his secrets were kept to keep her safe, but Lulu doesn’t see it that way. Lucky assures her he will always have her back.

Sam meets with Kelly at the hospital and learns after the procedure she could only have a fifty percent chance of carrying to term.


At the penthouse, Jason tries to talk to Michael about his time in prison. Michael notes Jason and Abby are the only ones he can talk to about it. He says Carly and Kristina can't understand, but Abby just listened to him and accepted the good and bad parts of him. He thinks there's no point in talking about it though because he'll never see Abby again. Michael leaves and Sam and Jason meet up at home. Jason tells her Michael isn't even close to getting over what happened in prison.


Kristina stops by the loft to invite Michael out with her and her friend Chelsea. Michael adamantly tells her he doesn't want to meet her friends. Kristina wonders when he's going to get over that hooker. Michael gets upset, but Kristina continues to badmouth Abby being a stripper. Kristina thinks being around her could land him back in prison. She notes he never really left that place because he can't move on. He screams at her to leave and she tells him he's just like their father because when he gets upset he just yells. After Kristina is gone, Michael has flashes of Carter. Dante enters and touches Michael, who grabs him. Dante offers to listen if he wants to talk but Michael is sick of talking – especially about prison.


Abby runs into Brandon in the street. Jason pushes him off when Brandon grabs her. Abby thanks him after Brandon has left. Jason implores her to tell Michael the truth, as Brandon returns with a gun.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam and Jason discuss the possibility of becoming parents.

The Spencer kids commiserate about love.

Luke ships Maxie diamonds.

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