Show Some Respect.

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Theo interrogates Brenda, Abby makes a confession, and Lucky is left confused.

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Dante and Jason discuss the Balkan in the penthouse. Before they leave to pick Brenda up, Dante tells Jason Michael saw Abby being brought in for prostitution.


In the law office, Theo asks Brenda who Aleksander is. She tells him she didn't say that name, but Theo says she's lying and the jury will see right through her. Theo needs to know who this Aleksander is so he isn't thrown any curve balls during the trial. Brenda starts to tell him about her past with him and how Aleksander worked for his criminal father. She tells him about the fight in the alley and how she killed him. He gets her to admit Dante was with her when she shot both Aleksander and Banovic. Theo gets upset as he questions Brenda's reaction to Aleksander's shooting and upon learning his son's body was dumped in a swamp. Jason and Dante enter and usher Brenda out. Theo wants to talk to Dante, so he stays behind to learn Theo knows all about Aleksander.


In Sonny's office, Carly tries to get through to her ex about why he shouldn't marry Brenda. Sonny doesn't think she has to like his fiancée, but he wants her to show some respect. Sonny wants permission for Morgan to be at the wedding. Carly won't stand in Morgan's way if he wants to be a part of it, but asks Sonny not to involve Brenda too much in their son's life. After Carly leaves, Claire enters and tells Sonny she is working for Diane's firm now. Sonny in turn tells her he and Brenda set a wedding date. Claire is happy for him, adding it's not like she got dumped for just anyone, considering Brenda is the love of his life. Jason enters with Brenda and Claire leaves. Jason tells Sonny and Brenda their wedding can't happen. Jason leaves and Sonny tells Brenda they should probably wait to get married because the Balkan is still out there. Brenda doesn’t want to wait or live her life in fear. She wants to be with him and marry him.


At his place, Lucky tries to process why Siobhan wants to walk away from him all of a sudden. Lucky wants to know what's really going on because they have a real connection. She didn’t think they were ever meant to last and a clean break is best. Lucky still doesn't buy it, so Siobhan accuses him of wanting to much from her and caring more than she does. She wants to end it before someone gets hurt and walks out the door. Dante drops by and listens to Lucky's confusion about what just happened with Siobhan.

Siobhan meets with the Balkan in the confessional. He tells her Brenda and Dante killed his son and declares he will have his revenge. Siobhan tells him he will have it without her because Lucky broke up with her. Theo orders her to reconcile with Lucky and attend the wedding. Siobhan gets a call from her hysterical sister. Siobhan promises to help her and after she hangs up, Siobhan asks what the Balkan wants from her. The Balkan orders her to help him make sure the wedding never happens.


At Kelly's, Kristina tells Michael about Ali's memorial arrangements. He doesn't want to go, but reluctantly agrees to attend. He has to leave and Kristina assumes he's going to see Abby. She badmouths her, but Michael defends her and asks her to respect his choice to be friends with her.


Outside Kelly's, Abby runs into Brandon and assumes he called the cops to tip them off about the strippers prostituting themselves. He walks away as Carly approaches demanding to know if she's a hooker. Abby declares she's not, but Carly just rails at her about being bad for Michael.


Back inside the diner, Michael finds Abby who tells him she is in fact a prostitute.


After talking to Dr. Lee at the hospital, Sam returns to the penthouse and searches the Internet about the fertility procedure. Jason returns home and tells Sam Jerry is not the Balkan and that Abby was arrested for solicitation. As they discuss Michael's relationship with Abby, Carly stops by to urgently discuss the same thing.


Terrell observes from afar as Johnny shows Lisa the syringe in his jacket at the hospital. Lisa knows it's not the same one, but Johnny thinks it's funny. He tells her Patrick is on to them, as Terrell walks over wondering who her friend is. After introductions are made, Johnny plays up their relationship and then leaves. Terrell questions all the men in Lisa's life and snidely declares she's very busy, but never boring.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu learns the truth.

Michael struggles with his past.

Molly has a fit.

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