Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Michael reacts to seeing Abby dance, Lucky ponders marriage, and Sonny's fears creep in.

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In Diane's office, Lucky wonders what Siobhan's doing talking to Brenda's lawyer. Theo tells Lucky her immigration status is at stake so he suggests they get married so she can stay in the country. Lucky wants to know why he's anywhere near Siobhan's business. Theo says he's an expert in international law and doesn't mind working for tax purposes. Lucky and Siobhan go out in the hall and Lucky says getting married to keep her there isn't the worst idea in the world.

Siobhan sits in a confessional as she talks to the Balkan, who is disappointed in her job performance. He notes she's awfully attached to Lucky, but she reminds him she's doing her job. He tells her to keep doing it and if she fails, the cost will be substantial.

At the penthouse, the wedding planner assumes she's planning Brenda's wedding to Murphy Sinclair, as Sonny glowers and Brenda corrects her. Sonny remains disdainful of the wedding planner, but they discuss plans anyway. Brenda clashes with the woman when Ms. Chang tells her she can't plan the wedding in order to make their February date happen. Insults are thrown and Ms. Chang starts to leave. Sonny stops her and explains how important this day is and how he wants to make it special for Brenda. The woman changes her mind and Sonny says they have some place to be and leaves with Brenda.


Sonny brings Brenda to their cottage and tells her if Ms. Chang can give her the wedding she wants than that's all that matters. They talk about their past and Sonny says he wants to do things right this time. He pulls out the rings he bought her and says he wants her to keep these diamonds forever. He vows to honor her and be there at the wedding, for richer for poorer and for better or worse. In bed, Sonny has a nightmare about their wedding day.


As Abby dances at the strip club, she sees Michael in the crowd growing more and more upset until he storms out.

Abby sees Sam on the street and tells her what happened with Michael. She says he is the best thing that's happened to her in a long time and she has to find him to make it right. Abby never expected to care about Michael and she won't walk away from a guy who makes her feel so special, despite Carly's problem with her. Sam promises to tell Michael she's looking for him if she runs into him. Sam leaves and a man named Brandon approaches a surprised Abby who wonders how he found her. He tells her he missed her.


Jason tells Carly Michael isn't in danger from Abby while they're in the office. However, he also informs her about Michael attacking Abby's customer on the street. Carly thinks that's exactly why he shouldn't be around her. Jason disagrees because Michael went through hell in prison and he's dealing with it the best way he can and Abby helps. Carly cries because she's so scared for him that it hurts. Jason says she has to stay cool about Abby and not fight with Michael. After Carly is gone, Michael comes to see his uncle to explain how upset he was watching those men ogle Abby. He wanted to fight them like he wanted to fight Carter to make him pay for what he did. Jason thinks it was a good sign that he left the club before he hurt someone and he needs to decide if it's a risk worth taking again. Michael gets a text from Abby.


Michael and Abby meet up outside. She hopes they can still be friends and he won't just see that she takes off her clothes for men. Michael feels bad because he went back on a promise by coming to the club. He thinks she's amazing and says he needs her. He then kisses her.

Jason returns to the penthouse and finds Sam who is worried about Abby and Michael. Jason tells her Michael will be okay because he's actually starting to talk. Sam tells Jason Abby has real feelings for him. Jason recalls being with Michael as a baby and how he wondered who he would grow up to be. Sam says Michael is a survivor and Jason taught him that. Jason is grateful Jake won't have to go through what Michael has.


At Jake's, Lulu grills Dante about his feelings for Brenda, saying he's changed since she's been in town. He tries to explain how weird it is that she will be his stepmother. She wants him to take himself off the case, but he has to see it through. She feels bad for being insecure, but he wants her to tell him when things are bothering her. She takes the opportunity to tell him the brown jacket that makes him look like Serpico bothers her. Elsewhere at the bar, Maya and Ethan discuss their relationship after apartment hunting. Ethan admits he has a lack of hope and faith and isn't good at long-term relationships. Maya assures him this is just a business arrangement, but Ethan knows she's hiding behind the wall she always puts up. Lucky and Siobhan meet up at Jake's and he tells her if marriage is the only thing that will keep her there, he'll be the first in line.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason thinks there's a traitor amongst them.

Patrick becomes suspicious of Johnny and Lisa.

Molly feigns an illness.

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