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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

The ski trip begins in disaster, Johnny warns Lisa and Theo tries to gather information.

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Theo enters the police station to talk with Lucky. He says he needs everything they have on the Balkan in order to move forward with Brenda and Dante's case. He also asks for information on Ronan O'Reilly, but Lucky pretends not to know who he is.


At the penthouse, Jason demands the truth from Spinelli about why he was at Luke and Tracy's wedding. Spinelli makes something up about being worried about Brenda. They discuss Brenda still being a target and how Jason doesn't buy that Jerry was shot and fell into the harbor and Lucky's girlfriend just so happened to witness it. Lucky stops by after Spinelli has left to tell Jason about meeting Theo. Jason says they need to settle Brenda and Dante's case out of court, but the family won't be paid off. Jason feels like something is off and finds the timing of the lawsuit and Jerry's presence in town to be suspicious. He suggests that Siobhan might have something to do with it because she is the one who gave them Jerry's name in the first place and who saw him get shot. Lucky defends her, but admits something is wrong about what went down.


Michael and Abby meet up outside and she asks him to go to a movie or dinner. He says he can change his plans because he'd rather spend time with her. Molly and Kristina walk up and Kristina tells her brother he has to go on the ski trip because she promised Ally he'd be there. Abby encourages Michael to go, but he sends the girls on and tells Abby he'd rather be with her. She suggests they meet up another time and makes him promise he'll have a good time.


Ethan drops by Johnny's place who tells him about Lisa drugging him in hopes of finding the syringe. Ethan warns him if he's not careful, Lisa will kill him because she's a psycho. Lisa returns to check on Johnny, who dismisses Ethan. Before he leaves, Ethan warns Lisa away from drugging Johnny again and informs her the syringe has been moved. He also threatens that if anything happens to himself, she had better watch her back. Ethan leaves and Lisa checks out Johnny's wound, as he makes flirtatious remarks. She asks him to end this by giving her the syringe so they can go their separate ways. Johnny mocks her belief that she will be free to be with Patrick. She counters that he needs to let the fantasy of the two of them go.


Elizabeth asks Patrick and Robin what they are doing for New Year's Eve at the hospital. Robin tells her they are giving their tentative reconciliation a whirl, so Patrick will still be at home with her and Emma. Steve approaches, as he prepares for the ski trip he's going on in Elizabeth's place. He looks forward to teaching Cam to ski. Maxie and Matt join the group as they are going on the trip as chaperones as well. After Carly begs Olivia to take her place on the ski trip, she and Morgan show up. Steve is pleased to learn Olivia will be joining them and offers to teach her to ski. Molly and Kristina meet up with Taylor and Ali, as Alexis sees them off. Michael shows up, as Steve tells everyone it's time to head out to the bus. Lisa shows up hoping to go over a case with Patrick over a snack elsewhere, but Patrick says they'll do it right there.


Alexis runs into Theo on the street. He thinks she could be of assistance to both Sonny and Brenda by giving him what he needs. He asks about Sonny, Dante and Brenda's connection to each other. Alexis warns him Sonny is protective of Brenda and if anything goes wrong on the case he will be looking to the defense attorney as a target.


On the bus, Maxie and Matt discuss the fun they're having together, Molly questions Michael about being able to leave Port Charles and Olivia encourages Steve to strum a tune on his guitar. The whole bus joins in and sings along to "Hallelujah."


At the Metro Court, Carly tells Jax they now have two whole days to take care of each other. Carly makes plans for them, but Jax is suspicious of her motives. She explains she knows he's not happy about Brenda and Sonny's engagement. He admits he feels terrible for Brenda because she could get hurt whether the wedding happens or not. Carly says Brenda has made her choices, so she will have to live with the consequences. Jason blows in to talk with Carly. He knows she'll be trouble in regards to Brenda and Sonny's wedding. She protests and then gets a call from Morgan who is on the bus. As they talk, the bus starts to slide and Carly hears screaming. Morgan's phone goes dead and a frantic Carly tells Jason she thinks the bus crashed, which it does, leaving bodies strewn about the snowy ground.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

A repeat of the February 16, 2007 episode will air as the Metro Court hostage situation comes to a head, when the hotel explodes.

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