Johnny Calls In His Marker.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Carly enlists Spinelli's help, Jason gets proof of Jerry's involvement and Johnny needs Lisa's help.

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Dante tells Ronnie at the station he wants to solve this case so Brenda can go back to Italy. Ronnie wonders if Brenda is that big of a pain in the ass.


After Jason saves Sam from the guy in the alley, he demands the thug tell him everything he knows about Jerry Jacks. The man says he was hired by Jerry Jacks to grab Sam and wait further instructions. Jason asks if Jerry is The Balkan as the man is shot from behind. Jason and Sam call Dante, who arrives on the scene and gets filled in on the dead guy. Jason and Sam leave, as Mac arrives on the scene. Dante tells Mac the man was working for Jerry, who could have a connection to The Balkan. Mac orders him to find Jerry by any means necessary and stop him before someone they love turns up dead.


Brenda enjoys her dinner at the penthouse, as Max, Milo and Spinelli continue to cater to her and Sonny. Sonny, on the other hand, gets annoyed they aren't alone and orders his men to give them some space. Sonny wants to take Brenda on his speedboat and describes the evening he imagines they could have, but Spinelli can't take it anymore and intercedes, worried Brenda will get her heartbroken. Brenda assures him she's fine and Sonny orders everyone out. Sonny wants to leave, but as they are on their way out the door, Jason calls Brenda. Sonny gets on the phone and learns Jerry is definitely involved.


Jason, Sam and Dante meet up in Sam's office to discuss the case. Dante thinks they can use Aleksander's body as bait for The Balkan.


Sonny follows Brenda upstairs to her room, where she tells him it was the absence of him that made her feel so lonely. She has never felt at home anywhere with anyone except for him. He passionately kisses her.


In Jax's office, Lady Jane tries to convince her son to leave Brenda alone, but he tells her Jerry might be the one endangering her. Carly returns as Jax asks his mother if she's seen Jerry. She says no, but he did call on her birthday. They question her about the call, but she says Jerry told her nothing. Jane thinks Jax is only speculating that Jerry is after Brenda and urges him to not harm his brother. Jax pleads with his mother to tell him if she hears from Jerry. Jane appeals to Carly as a mother, asking if she could help one son at the expense of the other. Jane leaves as Carly tells Jax she wants to help find his brother, but Jax wants to do this on his own. Carly wonders if that's because of Jerry or Brenda. Carly leaves and Jax makes a few phone calls about Jerry. Mac walks in warning Jax not to cover for his brother.

Jax calls Suzanne to meet him at his house. He shows her a photo of Jerry to see if she recognizes him. She doesn’t, but he warns her to not set up any meetings for Brenda for the time being.

Carly bursts into the penthouse to talk to Spinelli, but he's too worried about Brenda with Sonny. Carly thinks she can help him with that, by proving to Sonny Brenda and Dante were lovers. He doesn't want to hurt Brenda, but she thinks sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. She won't tell Brenda he was involved, but she needs his help. He is swayed and agrees to get to work.

Johnny enters his place bleeding from his side. Ethan is there and calls someone for help.


At the hospital, Robin apologizes to Nikolas for going off on him. Nikolas accepts and suggests she and Lisa find a way to work together. Patrick reminds Lisa she is supposed to be in the ER and suggests she go back there. Lisa leaves and Patrick and Robin talk with Nikolas, who thinks Lisa has every right to tell her side of the story. Nikolas recommends Robin take the high road with Lisa and she probably will to. Nikolas gets called away and Patrick suggests Robin go to therapy to help sort things out. Robin thinks Lisa would just use that against her too. Lisa returns to the floor and runs into Nikolas. He tells her she's handled this situation gracefully. She appreciates that, but she thinks it was stupid to blab her story over the internet. He wants her to chalk it up to a mistake and move one. She says she is and Nikolas likes her attitude. Ethan steps off the elevator and tells Lisa he's there for their date that Johnny set up. Lisa gets the message and leaves with him. Nikolas returns to Patrick and Robin and tells them Lisa might be backing off since she's dating Ethan Lovett. Maya walks by and is shocked to hear her husband is dating someone.


Ethan brings Lisa to the penthouse to help Johnny. He covers in front of Ethan that he and Lisa did in fact have a date. Ethan grabs some supplies for Lisa and then Johnny tells him he's fine so he can leave, but not to tell Olivia if he sees her. Ethan walks out and Johnny orders Lisa to patch him up or else he will tell her chief-of-staff about the syringe.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly and Spinelli interrupt Sonny and Brenda.

Maya threatens Ethan with divorce.

Michael comes to Abby's defense.

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