A Change in Plans.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Brenda and Sonny are forced to stay in, Luke offers advice to Lulu and Sonny and Robin sees Lisa's confession.

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Carly enters Jax's office to inform him his mother is arriving soon so they can get info out of her about Jerry. He wishes he could disconnect from all this, but she thinks they need to find a way to stop Jerry and they need to do it together. Jax leaves and Lady Jane enters. Carly tells her mother-in-law that Brenda is in town. Jane lets Carly know she is behind Carly one hundred percent. While Carly is grateful for the support that's not why she called her there.

Dante drops by Sonny's office to update him on their search for The Balkan – namely that Jerry is now a suspect. Sonny wants Dante to continue to be a good detective, while he protects Brenda day and night if he lets her. Dante is set on edge by his father's comments.


At the police station, Jax asks Dante to let him deal with Jerry. Dante thinks that will only put Brenda in more danger. Jax is no longer loyal to his brother and will do what it takes to stop Jerry. After Jax leaves, Dante gets an autopsy report on Alexsander and flashes back to the night Brenda shot him. Ronnie walks up and wonders what's so interesting about him.

Jax returns to his office and as Carly leaves to get them a snack, he tells his mother Brenda is in trouble and he has to help.


Lulu meets Tracy at the Haunted Star, where she is asked to be Tracy's maid of honor. Lulu happily accepts as Luke joins them. Tracy leaves the room and Luke explains to Lulu he and Tracy are working on trust right now. She understands because she trusts Dante with her life, but Luke warns her not to do that. Lulu leaves and Sonny walks in to tell Luke he wants to bring Brenda to the casino, but he'll have to buy out the place for security reasons. They commiserate over loving difficult women, but note they are worth fighting for.

As Sam leaves her apartment, she notices something's wrong with the lock.


At the penthouse, Brenda tells Jason she has a date with Sonny, but he doesn't want her leaving the place. Jason tells him Jerry might be involved with The Balkan, but Brenda knows Jax would never let him hurt her. Jason updates her on Jerry's exploits over the years and says Jax can't control him. Sam calls Jason about her lock, so Jason calls Spinelli to make sure Brenda doesn't leave. Once Jason is gone, Brenda tells The Jackal she has a date with Sonny. He feels it's unsafe and informs her he's made some arrangements for her to have dinner with Sonny there. Max and Milo come to the door in chef uniforms. Brenda calls Sonny to tell him of the change in plans. Sonny stops by to pick up Brenda for their date, but Spinelli informs him they cannot leave. Sonny gets annoyed, as Max and Milo come out and urge Sonny to try the meal they've worked so hard on. They sit down and are served by Spinelli, Max and Milo as they reminisce about their first date.

Jason checks out Sam's lock which seems to have been tampered with. He thinks it makes sense for Jerry to come after her since she is unfinished business. She assures him she is ready if Jerry comes after her and he kisses her goodbye.


Sam is grabbed as she walks outside, but Jason is there to save her. He holds his gun on the man, assuming he is Jerry Jacks.


At the hospital, Matt and Patrick talk about Lisa's confession as she walks by. Patrick confronts her, but Lisa tells him what she does on her own time is her business. Matt tries to broker peace, but leaves when he is unsuccessful. After Patrick and Lisa argue some more, Matt returns to try and calm Patrick down. Robin walks off the elevator and Patrick tells her about Lisa's confession. Robin becomes irate, but Patrick urges her not to look at it. Patrick gets paged away and Robin makes a beeline for a computer to watch Lisa's confession.

Lisa runs into Nikolas on the pier and tells him how much she is actually enjoying working in the ER. She isn't focusing on Patrick and Robin, instead she's concerned with the good things she still has.

After watching Lisa online, Robin sees Nikolas and Lisa walk off the elevator. She goes off on Lisa, but Nikolas stops her wondering what is wrong with her. Robin thinks Nikolas is being manipulated by Lisa, but Nikolas thinks Robin screaming in front of her coworkers is unlike her. Robin wonders what she's doing.


Michael and Kristina come to the loft to study. They talk about their grades and she bemoans all the pressure she has on her to do well in school. She just wants to get into a good school so she can move on and forget last year ever happened. She tells her brother Taylor has been really good and patient with her. They aren't exactly dating, but they are more than friends. She says he's helped her a lot and wishes he could find someone like that. She brings up her friend Ally, but Michael doesn’t want to talk about her and gets defensive. She wonders why he thinks living through something bad means he can't have something good again. Michael tells his sister things are better for him now and then wants to get back to studying.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick wants to go to counseling with Robin.

Jason comes to Sam's rescue.

Jax looks for Jerry.

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