Choose Your Own Adventure.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Claire works on the car bombing case, Robin ponders forgiveness and the plan for The Balkan takes shape.

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Robin finds Elizabeth at the hospital and asks for advice on Emma's birthday party. Elizabeth suggests she skip the pony rides and clowns and order extra cake. Elsewhere, Patrick tells Steve he took Emma's birthday – November 3 – off so he can't join in rotations. Steve asks Patrick to scrub in on a surgery with Lisa and Robin watches as he objects but is ultimately forced to do it.


Before Michael leaves for school from the loft, he notices Dante tossing and turning from a bad dream. When Dante wakes up Michael assumes he knows what his brother is going through. Dante talks about his dream and then apologizes for turning Michael into the court. He was only trying to prevent more pain, not cause it. Dante also tells him he is now protecting Brenda and Michael remarks how Carly is annoyed thinking both Sonny and Jax are still in love with her. Michael suggests Dante not fall in love with her too. Dante scoffs and says it will never happen.

Sonny stops by Kelly's and Mike assumes it's because he is hoping to see Brenda. Sonny fills Mike in on what's going on with her and that she turned him down when he tried to rekindle their relationship. Sonny says he has to do what Brenda wants and stay away. Mike is impressed noting Sonny staying away from Brenda is like him staying away from the hottest game in town with a pocket full of cash. Once Sonny has left, Dante walks in and finds his mother at a table. She invites Dante to bring Lulu over for dinner at Johnny's tonight. Dante thinks their interpersonal relationships are too weird and declines. She lays a guilt trip on him and he says he will think about it. Later, Michael stops in and finds Abby studying. They talk about school and he says he's not going to college because he's an ex-con. Abby thinks there's a way, but he's sick of people buying his way into life. She doesn't want him to throw away his future because he hates where he is now.


Claire summons Alexis to her office to question her about the car bombing. Alexis points out the conflict of interest for Claire and remains vague with her answers. Claire wants to know how far Alexis will go to protect Sonny. Once Claire is done with Alexis, she brings a resistant Johnny in for questioning. As Johnny mocks her relationship with Sonny, Claire receives flowers. Johnny claims Sonny set the bomb and wonders if she will betray her job and let Sonny off, or betray Sonny and nail him. He tells her to choose her own adventure and walks out.


Robin rushes over to Sonny's office to talk to him about Patrick and Lisa. She laments how she can't tolerate Lisa anymore and Sonny wonders if she is asking him to intervene. Robin says no and wonders how she can be so angry with Patrick, yet miss him and their life together so much. Sonny wonders if there's anything in her marriage worth saving. When she says yes, he suggests she find a way to forgive him. Sonny brings up his past with Lily and how she took him back and gave him a second chance. He will never forget how good it felt to be forgiven. Even if she doesn’t take Patrick back, he hopes she can forgive him because all that hurt will blind her to love. Once Robin has left, Claire visits Sonny and thanks him for the flowers. He wants to take her out again. She'd like to accept but he's the prime suspect in the car bombing and she can't condone attempted murder.

Robin returns to the hospital after Patrick and Lisa emerge from their successful surgery. Steve is happy to see they can still work together and Patrick admits it was the right call because Lisa did a great job. Elizabeth and Robin discuss Emma's party and whether or not Patrick will show up. Patrick hears Robin say he will probably be there so she will suck it up and cover how she really feels.


Suzanne visits Jason and Sam at the penthouse and learns about their plan with The Balkan. They go over details, which includes Suzanne setting up a fake appearance for Brenda and Sam posing as Brenda. Suzanne has her doubts because she doesn’t think Brenda will let any woman take her place. Spinelli runs downstairs enthusiastically updating them on Brenda's morning activities and how she doesn't want to go along with Jason's plan. Suzanne will do what she can to help, but she just hopes the real Brenda stays at the penthouse. Jason and Sam go to check out the warehouse for the ambush on The Balkan and when they return, Suzanne suggests Jason be ready with a couple of backup plans in case Brenda doesn’t cooperate. Dante stops by and gets filled in on the plan as Suzanne leaves. Sam comes downstairs dressed as Brenda and wonders if it's good enough to fool The Balkan.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda has a nightmare about her past.

Siobhan doesn't do as she's told.

Ronnie has evidence against Sonny.

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