The Brenda Vortex.

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Jason and Sam form a plan, Lucky is exposed, and all roads lead to Brenda for Lulu.

The Brenda Vortex. image

In her office, Claire orders Dante to guard Brenda. He balks, but she needs him because he has experience with her. She also thinks Brenda will listen to him because he is Sonny's son, but he retorts Sonny is the reason he can't guard her.


Brenda and Jax reminisce on the docks about their trip to New Orleans. She tells him her happiest moments were with him. He says he enjoyed their days together but he's happy everything led him to what he has now.


In the penthouse, Sam tells Jason she wants to pose as bait instead of Brenda, but Jason won't allow it. He can't take any chances with this, but Sam doesn't think he should be counting on Brenda considering she has no experience. Jax brings Brenda back to the penthouse and leaves. Jason tells Brenda about their plan and how Sam will take her place on Friday when they hand her over to The Balkan. Brenda objects because she doesn’t want Sam to get hurt. Jason assures her they've worked together before and it will be fine. Dante stops by to explain he is Brenda's official police bodyguard. Brenda says she doesn't need a guard, but Dante insists and Jason claims he can actually use the help. Dante will be back in the morning and leaves. Brenda begs Jason to get someone else to guard her and insists she will be posing as bait for The Balkan.

At Wyndemere, Lucky and Siobhan discuss her going back to Ireland. Lucky points out the fun they've been having and thinks it's too soon for them to be discussing her leaving. He also reminds her she's still in danger, but she thinks she can handle herself. Lucky wonders why she's so determined to get away from him.

Lulu appeals to Carly at the Metro Court to tell Jax she's okay with putting Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Carly refuses, but Lulu continues to plead with her. After Carly has walked away, Lulu gets a text from Ethan asking after Lucky. Lulu calls Lucky and tells him they need to talk about Luke.


The Balkan's man, Swavek, watches from behind the corner as Lucky and Lulu meet on the docks. She updates Lucky on Luke's latest plan to get Tracy back. She wants him to visit Luke in order to make it look like he really had a heart attack. Lucky reminds her he is undercover, but Lulu says Tracy will never take Luke back if it doesn’t look real. The goon hears Lulu tell Lucky he can go back to being Ronan O'Reilly just as soon as he puts in an appearance as Lucky Spencer. Once alone, Swavek makes a call to say Ronan is actually an undercover cop.

Jax meets with Carly at the Metro Court and tells her about his conversation with Brenda. She brings up the Crimson cover and he stands by his decision not to use her. Carly is pleased and they kiss.


From his hospital bed, Luke asks Tracy to marry him. She wants him to rest and they will talk about it later. Lucky and Lulu walk in. Lulu brings Tracy to the hallway and suggests Tracy take a break from the hospital, but Tracy won't leave. Tracy returns to Luke's room after Lucky has left. She tells him the only place for her is by his side. He assures her he's not going anywhere. He wants her to prove her love by marrying him, but Epiphany walks in to tell Tracy to leave because she's not family and visiting hours are over. Tracy kisses Luke and leaves.


Lulu and Dante meet up at the loft. She tells him she might be out of a job if she can't get Brenda on the cover of Crimson. He in turn informs her he has been assigned to be Brenda's personal bodyguard. Lulu can't believe how Brenda has crept into every aspect of her life and she worries about Dante being with her all the time. She doesn't want him to get sucked into the Brenda vortex. He tells her Brenda is his dad's old girlfriend, whom he can resist.


Lucky returns to Wyndemere and fills Siobhan in on Tracy and Luke. She asks about the meeting he had with Jason about Brenda and wonders if he trusts him. Lucky does, but she says you have to be careful because you never know what kind of secrets people are keeping. Lucky explains their plan to Siobhan and orders her to stay there. She agrees but worries he and Jason will be walking into an ambush.


As Michael talks with Molly at Kelly's, Abby, the girl Sam hired to have sex with him, walks in. They recognize each other and Molly asks how they know each other. Abby explains she knows Sam, who has told her all about her genius little sister. Molly gets a text and has to leave. Once she's gone, Michael apologizes for Molly being so nosy. Abby is fine with it and apologizes for how she handled their last encounter. Michael counters it was all his fault and she suggests they have coffee together. They sit and she tells him she just wanted to help him when Sam called her and that she didn’t do it for the money. She likes Michael and thinks he's brave, but she wishes she could have made things better for him. Before she leaves, Michael asks if she comes to Kelly's a lot. She only randomly stops by, but she likes it and thinks she'll come back.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

An encore of the December 1, 2005 episode will air.

Sam and Jason go to Hawaii.

Diego grabs Georgie.

Jax turns to Elizabeth for help.

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