Buried Deep.

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Dante and Brenda have more memories, Lisa continues to taunt the Drakes, and Lucky and Siobhan face more danger.

Buried Deep. image

Lisa approaches Patrick in the locker room in her lingerie. Patrick tells Lisa her dog and pony show isn't working on him and declares she can flaunt her body all she wants, but he will never touch her again. Lisa just throws more insults Robin's way and defends herself in the whole drugging/well episode. She leaves a frustrated Patrick in the locker room, as Robin walks in. He tells her he's trying to get people to see that Lisa is the crazy one, not her. Robin worries if Lisa keeps this up, she might end up the crazy one. Lisa returns once Patrick has left and the women get into it. After Lisa taunts her about Patrick, Robin slaps her. Lisa leaves and Patrick returns to an upset Robin who worries Lisa will run to Steve about what just happened and she doesn't know whose side he will take.


At the hub, Steve questions Epiphany about whether or not she believes Lisa is capable of the things Robin is accusing her of. Epiphany doesn’t want to get involved but she doesn’t think Lisa is crazy. Lisa walks up and tells Steve she needs to tell him something.


After sleeping with Siobhan, Lucky gets dressed and starts to leave their room, but she wakes up and accuses him of sneaking out. He says he just needs to find Brenda and then he'll be back. She wants to go with him.


Lucky and Siobhan try to blend in while looking for Brenda in Rome. Lucky subtly asks around about Brenda, as The Balkan's men lurk. Lucky questions a maid at Brenda's former hotel, who tells him Brenda has gone to Port Charles. Lucky tells Siobhan she has to go to the States with him for her own safety. The Balkan's men approach them and grab Siobhan when Lucky won't play ball with them. One of them orders 'Ronan' to kill Siobhan now.


In Brenda's room at the penthouse, Dante wants to make sure they are on the same page and that no will find out what they did. He says he tried to keep what happened buried deep, but it was hard every time he saw her in a magazine. She says everything was her fault, as Sonny knocks on the door. Dante opens it pretending she summoned him there to talk about the car bombing. The men argue and Dante leaves.

Dante runs downstairs keeping up his act by insisting Jason tell Brenda to stay out of his investigation and leaves. Jason tells Spinelli that doesn't make sense because Brenda wants to stay away from Sonny. Spinelli then tells Jason he can't find anything about The Balkan online and he doesn't even know what to look for. Jason thinks Brenda knows who The Balkan is.

Still upstairs, Sonny and Brenda have another debate about why they should and shouldn't be together. He draws near to her, but she doesn't want him to touch her. Jason walks in and Brenda adamantly says, "I don't want you to touch me." Sonny wonders what's wrong with her, but she doesn't want to talk. Sonny leaves and Jason demands she start being honest with him. Brenda gets upset and Jason says he'll be downstairs when she's ready because they need to talk.


Back downstairs, Jason again asks Brenda what she knows about The Balkan. She won't talk, which makes Jason angrier. He's tired of her lying to him and he doesn't want to see anyone get hurt because of this. She tells him she hates him and walks out on the terrace as Jason leaves. Sonny returns and Jason tells him to deal with Brenda himself. Sonny finds Brenda on the terrace, as she recalls Dante finding her on a rooftop and hugging him. In present day, Brenda turns around and hugs Sonny.


Lulu finds an irate Carly at the Metro Court who is up in arms about Brenda's influence on the men in Port Charles. Luke walks in to see Carly and lays on the charm. Carly wonders how much this is going to cost her. Luke wants a suite on the house and she agrees, but says it will cost him a favor down the road. Carly walks away and Lulu and Luke catch each other up on their separate adventures in Ireland. Later, after Carly gives Luke his room key and a few warnings about his indulgences, Ethan walks in and fills his father in about his beating courtesy of The Balkan. Luke, in turn, updates him on Lucky's case in Ireland. Jason is next to meet with Luke, who is worried The Balkan will reach out to Jason and Sonny to harm him. Across the way, Mayor Floyd tells Ronnie he wants him to get Dante off the force. Ronnie balks, so the Mayor infers he knows Ronnie got rid of Sonny's gun when Johnny was shot. Floyd wants Sonny stopped and encourages Ronnie to dig up or plant something that will get Dante thrown off the force. Ronnie can't believe the Mayor wants him to break the law, but Floyd retorts that sometimes the end justifies the means.


Dante returns home and after he looks at a photo of Brenda in a magazine, goes off on Michael for getting busted for a parole violation. Lulu walks in and Michael storms off after Dante goes too far. Dante beats himself up about how he handled things with Michael, but Lulu tells him he has a right to be furious with Michael. She tells him he's perfect, as Dante has the same memory of finding Brenda on a rooftop.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda calls Robin for help.

Sam won't have sex with Jason.

Steve comes to Lisa's defense.

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