A Train Wreck Is Coming.

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Dante and Brenda talk privately, Lucky and Siobhan grow closer, and Robin loses it over Lisa.

A Train Wreck Is Coming. image

Lisa tells everyone at the hospital that she has been cleared to return to work, much to Robin's outrage. Steve calls Shadybrook and confirms she was properly released because she has responded well to drug therapy and her psych evaluation came back normal. Robin won't stand for it and starts to call Mac to have Lisa arrested. Maxie stops her and drags Robin away as Patrick tells Steve Lisa returning is unacceptable. Steve responds it's inevitable and Lisa states Robin obviously isn't getting any better. Patrick declares he will never work with Lisa again and walks away. Steve thinks it would be better if Lisa transferred to Mercy, but she isn't going anywhere. Meanwhile, Maxie tells Robin she needs to keep it under control or else she will make Lisa look like the sane one. Elizabeth tells Patrick he needs to be careful and to see Lisa clearly. She assures him she is on his side and walks away, as Lisa approaches him with a case she wants to work on together. Patrick tells her he knows what's real and so does she. She's just trying to put her life back together. She admits she's made mistakes, but he has too because they made them together. Robin later talks with Maya and tells her Lisa is coming back to work. Maya encourages her not to take Lisa's bait. Robin wonders if she should take a leave of absence until Lisa trips herself up.

At Jason's, Suzanne wonders what caused Brenda's abrupt change of heart regarding Sonny. She's worried about her and wants to help. Brenda tells her she becomes irrational when it comes to Sonny. It's like the whole world drops out and she knows she will lose him. She needs to get out of Port Charles right away, but Suzanne reminds her she can't as long as she is a target for The Balkan. Brenda needs a plan and goes to see a friend.


Carly walks in the Metro Court and tells Jax Claire found Michael in Sonny's office. She wants him to talk to Claire and he agrees. He learns about Sonny and Claire's parting of the ways and he's not surprised, but seems rattled that Sonny dumped Claire for Brenda. Once Carly is gone, Max and Milo accompany Brenda as she visits Jax. She tells him he was right – she does need to stay away from Sonny. Jax tells her she can count on him because he will do anything for her. Max and Milo worry that Brenda is looking at Jax like she loves him and that a train wreck is coming.


In their office, Jason reminds Sonny how shattered Brenda was after he left her at the altar and encourages him to just move on. Sonny thinks it's fate that she's there and it must mean they should try again. Jason leaves and Carly storms in to tell Sonny to make things right with Claire for Michael's sake. Sonny won't play her for a fool and orders Carly to stay away from his personal life.


While looking at a photo of them together at the station, Dante recalls finding Brenda, who fainted, on the floor. In the flashback, he helps her to the couch, as she says she must have passed out because of an early photo shoot. He offers to call someone for her, but she says she's fine. She does ask him to stay with her until she falls asleep though, which he agrees to. Dante jolts back to the present as Lulu walks in, noticing he looks like he's found the value of something lost. He says he's fine but he has to get back to work because he's got a lot going on. Once Lulu has left, Jason finds Dante and asks him to get Claire to back off Michael. He agrees, but he will also talk to Michael about staying away from Sonny or places he might be. Mayor Floyd walks in and threatens Dante's badge for conspiring with a mobster. Dante defends himself and Jason backs him up. Once Floyd leaves, Jason says he wouldn't normally stick his neck out for him but Michael needs him.


Brenda returns to the penthouse and gets Max and Milo to guard her from downstairs. Once she's alone, Dante knocks on the door and says they need to talk. They go upstairs to her room, as Jason returns. Sonny stops by looking for Brenda and he heads upstairs. In Brenda's room, Dante and Brenda both declare they've kept the secret and they agree no one can know.


A hatless Siobhan helps Lucky into his room after he gets beat up by the cops, who think he's Ronan. He thanks her for her assistance and she says that's what she's there for. He corrects her by saying she's there so he can protect her from The Balkan. She thinks one good turn deserves another and heads out. She returns with some supplies to clean up his wounds. As she gets close to him, he says her hair smells nice. She didn’t think he noticed such things, but he points out he's not dead. Once she's done bandaging him, she kisses him. He doesn’t respond because he doesn’t think he should. He explains what a mess his romantic history is, but she tells him she's not looking to marry him – she just wants to sleep with him. He does like her and she suggests he just go with the flow. He takes her up on it and kisses her, as they start to take off their clothes.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke and Jason discuss The Balkan.

Patrick finds Lisa in her underwear.

Mayor Floyd wants Dante off the force.

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