Taking A Life Changes A Life.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Michael tries to cope, Suzanne meets Diane, Jake's is hoppin', and Mac advises Patrick.

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After pushing Abby onto the bed in the hotel room, Michael apologizes. She wants to try it again and asks him to sit with her and talk, but he says it won't work. She tries to make him see that he needs to let prison go and do things he enjoys. She had an ex-con for a boyfriend who said she healed him better than anything else. She wants to help Michael now and promises to take it slow. He wants to but he's a mess. He apologizes but she understands. She says she'd like to see him again if he changes his mind and leaves.


Sam confronts Suzanne about Brenda in the office at the restaurant. Suzanne retorts that there's more at stake here than just Sam losing her boyfriend to Brenda. She explains to Jason and Sam how using Brenda's celebrity is golden for her charity, which makes a difference in the lives of thousands of children. Sam just wonders why she can't keep Brenda in line. Suzanne would love to, but Jason seems to be the only one who can do that. Sam gets a call about Michael and runs out. Jason explains to Suzanne about Michael and she says, "Taking a life, changes a life." She says there's hope though because she's seen people change. She thinks if he puts in the time he can help his nephew heal.


Suzanne sits in the restaurant with Max and Milo. Milo nervously tends to Suzanne's drinking needs as Suzanne talks with Max about protecting Brenda. Diane walks in and gets territorial. The women verbally spar over the ethics regarding what the other does. Diane warns Suzanne that Sonny will be all over Brenda and he is as criminal as they come.

Sam visits the hotel room to see if Michael is okay. She tells him Abby called her and said everything went fine, but Michael tells her he blew it. She thinks he is overreacting, but he says she couldn’t possibly understand.


Jason walks off the elevator and finds Michael sitting outside his door. They go inside the penthouse and Michael relays how when Abby tried to take his shirt off, he went right back to prison with Carter. He wonders how messed up it is that he can't be with a girl. Jason tries to make him feel better, but Michael states he will never be normal. Jason calls Michael a survivor, but Michael says all that means is he's alive, but he's not really living. Jason tells him the bad stuff doesn't have to define him and he can't give up on himself. Jason declares he will never give up on him.

Dante and Lulu return home, as Maxie stops by with work. Dante leaves for food and Maxie tells Lulu they are going to get the cover girl of Kate's dreams: Brenda Barrett.


After returning to Port Charles, Nikolas and Brook Lynn go to Jake's. He offers to pay her to escort him to a few more parties. Elsewhere, Kate watches as Steve and Olivia have a beer. She walks over and makes disparaging remarks about her cousin. Olivia stands up, takes off her earrings and the women go at it. Steve gets in between them and then Dante walks in to try and help break it up. Coleman restrains Kate as Olivia welcomes her son home. Dante goes to get some food and then leaves to get back to his girl. Olivia sits back down with Steve, as Kate flirts with Coleman at the bar. Olivia goes to the bar for another beer and starts bickering with Kate again. Brook starts singing and tells the women to shut up. Nikolas seems impressed with Brook as she belts out a song while sitting at their table.

Dante returns to the loft and finds Lulu sleeping. He then sees the magazine with Brenda's photo in it. Lulu wakes up and Dante tells her used to have an idea of what love was supposed to be like, but hen he met her. All he wants is to be with her, take care of her and never take her for granted.


In Robin's hospital room, Mac tries to console Robin over her marital problems. She just wants to figure out her role in what happened. She used to think cheating was a deal breaker for her, but now she's not sure and thinks it might be too soon to be calling divorce lawyers.


At the hub, Patrick talks to Matt about Robin. He tells his brother he wants his wife to stop hurting and that he wants his family back. Matt suggests he take a step back and breathe. Matt says he needs to earn Robin's trust back and figure out why he did what he did. Patrick sees Mac, who tells him he hates him for cheating, but he knows he loves Robin and Emma. He asks him to accept responsibility and to not put Robin through any more pain. Mac wants him to man up and let her go – a clean, quick break.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jax learns Brenda is back.

Robin and Brenda catch up.

Luke visits Lucky.

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