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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Claire nails Sonny, Patrick breaks Robin's heart, and Sam and Jason make a break for it.

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Sam and Jason act like a couple bickering over getting lost in order to get around the cop who questions them. After the officer has left, Jason says they need to get rid of the van. They grab some supplies out of it and then blow it up. They make a run for it, but Sam twists her ankle. Jason picks her up and carries her away to a spot in the woods where they get cozy for the night.


Murphy surprises Brenda in Rome. They talk about his movie career which segues into discussing Brenda's past. Murphy then asks her to go to Lake Como with him for a few days, but she can't because of work commitments. He tells her she can tell him if she doesn't love him, but she thinks it's more complicated than that. She's just not ready to give up her whole life for someone again, not even someone as sweet as him. He's not asking her to do that – he just wants her to live with him. She thinks he deserves the crazy passionate love she's talking about, but she doesn't have that to give anymore. She does agree to go away with him though and they head out. Once they've left, the mysterious man goes out to the balcony.


At the Drake residence, Lisa tries to innocently explain away her taking Emma, but Patrick and Robin are livid. Robin orders Lisa to stay away from her family and suggests she get some help. Lisa thinks they are overreacting and leaves. Once she's gone, a torn up Patrick tells his wife this is all his fault. He tears up as he tells her he slept with Lisa. A stunned Robin very calmly says that explains a lot. She wonders why she isn't enough for him, demanding he give her details. He insists it was only one time, but that's more than enough for Robin. She wonders if he wants to be with Lisa, but he vows he only wants her. She doesn't think he knows what love is because if he did he wouldn’t have trashed their marriage. Patrick thinks they can get past this, but Robin takes their wedding photo and throws it against the door. She orders him to get out because she will not look at him pouting any longer. After Patrick has gone, Robin breaks down in tears.


At Sonny's place, Ronnie tells Dante Johnny was unarmed when Sonny shot him. Dante accuses his father of lying to him, but Sonny defends himself before he is hauled away.


Diane meets Ronnie and Sonny as they come to the station. Diane tells Ronnie even if he can prove Sonny is guilty, he can't prove it was premeditated. Claire walks up and says she can. She plays a tape of Sonny mapping out how he would kill Johnny. She says it will be admissible because she was at Sonny's by his invitation and it will prove he fully intended on killing Johnny. Sonny asks to talk with Claire alone. He vows to her he is innocent and waives his rights when she reminds him she can use what he says against him. He recounts what happened with Johnny but Claire accuses him of trying to manipulate her. He declares he didn’t do it but she tells him their game is over and he lost.


Michael meets Jax at the Metro Court bar and learns Sonny was arrested for shooting Johnny.


Johnny loses consciousness in the hospital and is rushed into surgery. Lucky asks Ethan what he really knows about the shooting. Ethan just says Sonny has a history of pulling his gun unprovoked. Lucky then runs into Dante who thinks Sonny had his shot and he took it. Next, Lucky questions Maya, who doesn't have much info to give. Michael comes to the hospital and asks Dante how Johnny is. Dante doesn’t think he should be here, but Michael wants to know what really happened. Dante tells him Johnny wasn't armed, but Michael thinks otherwise. Lisa comes to the nurses' station and asks Steve if he wants to go out for a beer at Jake's. Steve wonders what happened with Emma and Lisa explains Robin and Patrick overreacted. She thinks Robin is just paranoid and wonders why it always has to be just a big drama with her. She turns her back and smugly smiles.

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