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We're back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with GH's Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Dana R: Can you tell me where I can get the pink cardigan and blue shirt Lulu wore on January 21?

A: Lulu's sweater is by Diane Von Furstenberg. Her tank is Petticoat Allen.

Toni C: Where did Lulu's leopard coat with big buttons from January 25 come from?

A: Lulu's leopard coat is by Nanette Lepore.

Christine B & Andrea A: Could you please tell me the brand of jeans Sam wore on January 25 and 26?

A: Sam's jeans are by Citizen's of Humanity.

Nancy P: Where can I get the light grey sequenced sweater Lulu wore on January 27?

A: Lulu's sweater is by LeRok.

Jonathan D: Where can the blue and grey sweater with a diagonal box-like design Spinelli wore on January 27 be found?

A: Spinelli's grey sweater is by Vurt.

Rhonda B: What is the brand and where did you get the turquoise tank (bow front) that Lulu wore with the leopard print cardigan on Jan 14 & 15?

A: Lulu's leopard print cardigan is by Plenty by Tracy Reese.

Kat D: Who makes Lulu's faux fur jacket she wore on January 27 and 28?

A: Lulu's faux fur jacket is by Nanette Lepore.

Mischa J: Can you please tell me who made Maxie's black coat from January 13 and where can I get it?

A: Maxie's black coat is by Nanette Lepore.

Erin M: Where can I find the dress that Maxie wore to Josslyn's christening? It looked like it was a lace overlay cocktail dress.

A: Maxie's dress is by Milly.

Tara C & Jennifer F: Who designed and where can I find the dress Carly wore to the christening?

A: Carly's dress for the christening is by BCBG.

Lena K: Can you please let me know who designed the blue dress Lulu wore to Josslyn's christening?

A: Lulu's blue dress is by Shoshanna.

Julie H: I would like to know where to find the dress Robin was wearing on Josslyn's christening day.

A: Robin's dress is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Kara B: Can you tell me where some of Sonny's suits come from?

A: Sonny's suits are made by Dolce & Gabanna, Hugo Boss, & Zegna.

Carole K & Connie S: Can you tell me where to buy the white and black outfit Sam had on at the christening?

A: Sam's suit is by Bebe. Her tank is by Vince.

Christine L: Can you tell me where to find the cross necklace that Olivia wore on February 2?

A: Olivia's cross necklace is from Nordstrom.

Sophia A: Where can I get the black jacket Maxie wore on February 2?

A: Maxie's jacket is actually a deep forest green and it is by Milly.

Bianca D: Where can I get a neck chain like the one that Nathan Parsons (Ethan Lovett) wears on every show? It has a circle joining both sides of chain in the front.

A: Ethan's necklace is the actor's own, purchased from Cirque De Soleil in Las Vegas.

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