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Lulu seems to have gotten the best of Luke and Laura.

Julie Marie Berman will make her own mark - for certain! (ABC)

Soaps.com viewers have had such fun pondering over which guy is best for Lulu that we've decided to go to Julie Marie Berman directly for some of her thoughts. Enjoy!

SOAPS.COM: Lulu had us all on our seats during the hostage situation. Okay, it was her mouth, actually. Does that chick have no fear?

Julie Marie Berman: Well, Lulu was definitely afraid but she covers well. She won't go down without a fight and I find it an endearing quality. Lulu may not know when to keep her mouth shut, but she's always so heavily involved in what's going on that her comments come from a genuine place of survival. Lulu would never appear weak if she could help it.

SOAPS.COM: Thanks to his soft spot for "The Blonde One", we've finally been able to see another side of Spinelli. In fact, some fans are hoping that he wins her heart. What are your thoughts of a possible Lulu/Damien love story?

JMB: I think the Spinelli/Lulu relationship is hilarious. I enjoyed seeing his compassionate side - it was so honest. As a couple, I think it could be fun to watch, but I believe most of the entertainment is in his quest for Lulu, not necessarily the victory. But you never know!

SOAPS.COM: Dillon, however, seems to be on the forefront, for now. Do you think he is finally over Georgie and ready to move on with Lulu?

JMB: I really don't know. I think it's interesting how fast he has come to terms with his affections for Lulu since the Metro Court crisis. I don't know if he suddenly wants what he thought he couldn't have or if he is finally realizing his true feelings. Either way, he has made it clear that he's open to whatever happens between them and time will tell...

SOAPS.COM: Then, there are the Milo fans! Was Lulu just toying with him, or does she really think he could be an option for her?

JMB: Lulu definitely thinks that Milo is an option. She likes his thoughtful personality and enjoys his dopey, heart-on-his-sleeve approach. It's nice to be adored, and Milo adores her.

SOAPS.COM: Is there someone on the GH cast that you are especially close with in your personal life?

JMB: I'm pretty close with a lot of my cast mates. I see them like my family and it's hard not to bond with such wonderful people. I get close with people especially when my character becomes vulnerable with their characters. It's nice to be honest and close with the people you work with because it makes the acting connections so much stronger.

SOAPS.COM: Is there someone whom you look forward to doing scenes with most of all?
JMB: Anybody who plays hard and has fun! Laura Wright (Carly) always fits into that category.

SOAPS.COM: Are you still attending USC and majoring in Television & Cinema?
JMB: Nope, I graduated last May...thank God!

SOAPS.COM: Do you have brothers and/or sisters? If so, what do they think of your being "related" the famous Luke & Laura?
JMB: I have two older brothers who have never watched a soap a day in their life. They love that I am working and that I am happy, but other than that...they'd say,"Luke and Laura who?" It's great. It keeps me grounded and normal.

SOAPS.COM: You do realize that you are in the perfect position to be the next half of a super couple, right � in the footsteps of your character's iconic parents. When you look to the future, can you see how bright it is?
JMB: I think it's wonderful to play the child of such a legacy, but I don't think I will ever be able to recapture what Tony and Genie did as a super couple. You can never recreate something as good as the original. BUT, I do hope to make some of my own waves in General Hospital's waters while I'm around.

Julie Marie needn't worry about such things, right Soaps.com readers? She is already making her own waves and we hope she does so for years to come.

Thank you, JMB, for taking the time to talk to us, as you always do. It really helps us to enjoy your scenes even more when we are privy to some of the back story that only General Hospital insiders can provide.