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GH Rundown for June 8 - 12!

Is Patrick the most perfect man on soaps ever? Good lord, I loved him this week. He was so sweet to Robin and proved how far he has come from that cad we first met to the devoted husband and father he is now. Since he didn’t just change over night, and we witnessed his evolution, it’s believable and endearing. It’s so nice to see at least one happy couple on a soap right now.

I also love that they’ve catapulted Patrick and Robin into the story with the mayor because as we all know, a happy couple is usually a boring couple, but instead of throwing a wrench in their relationship, from all indications, the Drakes will remain happy, but still have something interesting to do.

From one happy couple to a couple who acts like they were never together: Wouldn’t it be nice if they acknowledged that Jason and Elizabeth have a past? They loved (love?) each other and have a son, but there are no lingering looks, no awkward passings at the hospital, or angsty run-ins with Jake at Kelly’s. After Michael lashed out at her, Jason didn’t even check to see if Elizabeth was okay! Getting little nods every now and then enriches the characters, keeps their histories in tact and makes the viewers happy.

Back to the mayor, I like the possibility of this storyline because it’s involving a bunch of different characters and will bring Martha Byrne into the fold as said mayor's wife. I’m looking forward to seeing Martha in a different role from Lily on As the World Turns, which she played for roughly two decades. Of course, I’ll speak on that more after she debuts this week, but for now, I am enjoying Alexis having something to do besides worry about Nikolas, Matt actually getting a storyline, since he is the one who operated on the mayor’s now dead mistress, and even the mayor himself getting to stretch his acting muscles, considering he hasn’t had anything to do besides, well, be the mayor.

Well, Kristina is certainly going to be a handful, isn’t she? She seems to want to please her mother, but definitely has daddy issues. I really want to see her and Sonny interact because it’s time for him to deal with his unruly daughter instead of having Jason do it.

Looks like Anthony Geary is off on his yearly vacation, as Helena has seemingly abducted Luke. Does this mean Lucky’s warning that Luke will break Ethan’s heart will come to pass, as just when he finds out he is Luke’s son, daddy disappears?

Is it just me or do Ethan and Rebecca make a more compelling couple than Nikolas and Rebecca? I’d like to see more of the con artists in lust at work.

Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli were kind of cute at the spa spying on Kate, but instead of finding out why Kate is giving Giselle her Crimson secrets, I would rather see more scenes of her and Olivia bonding.

My biggest complaint of the week? No Olivia and Johnny! They’re a sizzling couple and I want more of them before they lose steam.

Alright. That’s all I got for this week. How about you? Feel free to share your thoughts on GH below.

- Lori Wilson