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We’re back with the latest installment of Mary Iannelli’s (Head of Wardrobe for GH) fashion scoop!

Jen T: Who makes the shirt Carly was wearing on Friday May 15?

A: The shirt in question is a sleeveless, blue top by designer Matty M.

Becky A & Sharon S: Please tell me who sells the sweater that Maxie wore on May 13. The sweater is tan in color with lots of ruffles on the back, three quarter length sleeves and it is a cropped sweater.

A: The answer can be found in our previous fashionista article.

Katharine S: Can you tell me who makes the dress Lulu was wearing when she visited Michael in the hospital on the May 15 episode?

A: The dark blue, tiered-ruffle dress that Lulu wore is by Marc Jacobs.

Kathy Z: I loved the dress Olivia wore when Kate and Sonny were supposed to get married. I think it was a grey color. Who designed it please?

A: The taupe silk, single shoulder dress is by BCBG.

Rocco J: I was wondering where Tracy Quartermaine's necklace was from she wore on the May 19 episode.

A: The necklace in question, a chain of silver and black-molded flowers with diamonds, can be found at Nordstrom.

Denise Y: The one shoulder blue blouse that Maxie wore recently; who is the designer? Where can it be purchased?

A: The answer can be found in our previous fashionista article.

Bella L & Kayla Y: I was wondering if you could please tell me the brand of the black off-the-shoulder top, jeans, and necklace Sam wore on May 11 & 12?

A: The answer can be found in our previous fashionista article.

Kayla Y: Where can Olivia’s black suit from the week of May 11 be purchased?

A: Olivia's suits are from Bebe, BCBG, and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Bella L: Where can the necklace Sam wore on May 11 & 12 be purchased?

A: Sam's necklace or something similar can be found at Macy's.

Quinn S: Where can I find the dress Maxi wore May 21st. It was empire waist with a black bodice, striped straps and waistband, and printed skirt.

A: Maxie's dress is by Diane Von Furstenberg.

Marie G: I was wondering if you could tell me who makes the blue ruffle dress Lulu wore on May 19th and 20th while she was at the hospital talking to Ethan?

A: Lulu's blue ruffle dress is by Marc Jacobs.

Gentiana B: Where can I find Carly's blue cardigan and cami from the May 21st episode?

A: Carly's blue sweater and cami are from BCBG.

Bella L: Can you please let me know where I can find Maxie's gold cuff, ivory flower ring, and black shoes she was wearing on May 21 & 22?

A: Maxie's gold pounded bracelet cuff is by BCBG. Her cream & yellow flower ring is by Arden B. And finally, her black & yellow heels are by Lamb.

Patricia N: I'm looking for the top Maxie wore. It was royal blue three-tiered ruffled one shouldered, also a beige cardigan with ruffled back and ruffle on the bottom of the fronts worn at the beginning of May 2009.

A: The answer can be found in our previous fashionista article.

Kara D: Whose dress was Maxie's on the May 22 episode? It was black and white flowers with yellow accents.

A: The dress Maxie wore is by Diane Von Furstenberg.

Janine G: I was wondering where I could get the necklace Tracy Quartermaine was wearing on the May 22 episode.

A: The black enamel disks with diamond flowers necklace that Tracy wore can be found at Nordstrom.

Julie G: I was wondering where to get the black and white polka dot dress Kate's character wore around May 13?

A: The answer can be found in our previous fashionista article.

Thanks once again to Mary for answering all our burning fashion questions!

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- Lori Wilson