Nikolas Cassadine Considers Leaving General Hospital image

Tyler Christopher (ABC)

Tyler Christopher who plays Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital has decided to extend his stay for now. Tyler had high hopes about a pilot he filmed would be picked up for the 2006 fall season. It was not to be and Christopher's focus returned to his career on GH.

New details have emerged that even though Christopher has a new contract, he still might consider leaving the daytime soap. Since his contract was retroactive to May 2006, Tyler is already almost 3 months into the new contract.

There is also rumors that NBC is considering Tylers pilot, "Secrets of a Small Town" although the pilot was originally pitched to ABC as a mid-season replacement.

"Secrets" a soap-like drama that focuses on small town's secrets following kidnapping and murder of twin highschool girls, starring Denise Richards and Angie Harmon.

Stay tuned with for further updates regarding Tyler's character and his future television ventures.