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Busy, busy lady! Find some time for us Finola! (ABC)

Robert is ready and waiting for what the future holds for him. (ABC)

Now that Robin and Patrick are heating up, can�t help but wonder what Miss Scorpio�s parents would think about their only child�s newly reclaimed love life. Better yet, what are the chances that we�ll actually get to see them together in Port Charles any time soon? Tristan Rogers (who has played Robert Scorpio on and off for 26 years) weighs in on the subject. �To use vets on the show, you�ve got to plan for it. You�ve got to be integrated into something that�s part of the fabric of the show.� That seems like a big check mark to us, since Robin�s love life has been pretty front-burner lately, right? And we all know what usually happens in soap world after characters say the �L� word � a wedding! Shouldn�t her mother (international spy Anna Devane) be on hand to have �the talk� with her at some point?

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Writer Robert Guza Jr. reports �Finola�s (Hughes) schedule is so hectic that I�ve never been able to count on her for much of a run.� checked Finola Hughes website to see exactly what it is that�s keeping her so busy. She�s working on humanitarian aid for the people of Sudan, has authored a fun sudsy novel that we reported on last fall, GH News and hosts her own TV show called �How Do I Look?� on the Style Network.

Robert Scorpio has spent on-camera time with not one, but two former lovers in Port Charles in 2006: Robin�s lovely mother and Holly (Emma Samms). Word is that Samms is tied up with her family for the time being, and Tristan Rogers tells sources that he�s not aware of any buzz going around that the desire (to bring her back) is there anyway at this point. Nonetheless, fans argue over which woman Robert should share a romantic storyline with. Tristan quips, �I don�t want to get involved in that one!�

Guza adds a hopeful comment for all Robert & Anna fans. �The minute Finola becomes available, she�s here. But right now, I just can�t promise much, I just don�t know.�