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Pizza, wine and sex. (ABC)

Sabrina returns. (ABC)

The GH Rant from August 18 - 22:

This week was a somewhat slow week in Port Charles compared to last week. Nevertheless we got to see Tracy get what was coming to her, a Carly and Sonny hookup, more Skype time with Fluke, and Sabrina’s return. Let’s discuss what happened on “General Hospital.”

Pizza and wine.
In last week's blog I discussed how I hoped that Carly would use her head and show Sonny the door. Unfortunately she did exactly the opposite and showed him to her bed, after a lovely meal of pizza and wine. Not only did Carly screw Sonny, she literally screwed him if Franco ever finds out the truth. Franco could simply go psycho and kill Sonny, or he could expose Sonny’s secret to Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Not only would Michael hate Sonny, he’d likely hate his mother for keeping it from him as well. What was Carly thinking? Though Carly’s choice was a poor one, it did make for some humorous scenes with Franco running around her place looking for Sonny. His impersonation of Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” when he burst through Carly’s front door screaming "Honey I'm home!" was great. Many fans seem to be on board for a Sonny and Carly reunion, I personally think they work better as friends and co-parents. What are your thoughts? Vote in's General Hospital Poll: Which man does Carly belong with?

Make a choice!
Nikolas continued to be a man of indecision this week. It seemed we finally had an end to this triangle when he told Britt that he still had feelings for Liz and wanted to try to make it work with her, but then he got hot and heavy with Britt moments later. Seriously dude, pick one! Spencer’s love triangle with Cameron and Emma is actually more interesting than this one, as much as it pains me to say that.

Cabin in the woods.
The story with Levi and Maxie was finally getting interesting when the show dropped it like a hot potato. Levi and his accomplice tied Maxie and Lulu up in a cabin in the woods, and that was the last we saw of them. Shockingly, I can’t wait until the show gets back to Levi to see what is happening with him. Who knew turning Levi into a bad boy would make his character tolerable, dare I say even enjoyable?

What Alice overheard.
Tracy finally got her comeuppance this week when Alice told Michael about Tracy and Luke’s scheme. I almost thought that Alice had forgotten about it. Michael gave her the boot, and Ned and an off-screen Monica kicked her out of the mansion. It was good to see Tracy get what was coming to her, though a tiny part of me felt for her given she’s been duped by Fluke. Then again, he seems to be bringing out her nastiness, so I don't feel that bad for her. When Fluke’s exposure comes it will be epic. Fluke isn't who he's pretending to be, and neither is Levi. It makes you wonder if anyone else is lying about their identity?

Always a friend.
Ned was back on-screen this week, but seems to have been pigeonholed into the role of friend. Poor Ned needs a lady! How is it that the bad boys have too many women, and the good guys like Ned and Nathan can’t even get one. Ned asked Olivia out as a friend, but they have such a presence on screen together that they need to become more than friends. Ned is possibly too nice for his own good. One positive development with Ned was that he seems to have picked up on the complete personality change in Luke. Could Ned be the one to finally figure out who Fluke is?

Sabrina’s return.
This week saw the return of Sabrina to Port Charles, and it seems she came back with her sanity intact. The last time we saw her she was falling apart over Gabriel’s death. Patrick brought her up to speed, and even confided the truth about Robin to her. Yet another story that just started to get interesting, only to get dropped for the time being. This show has too much going on! By the end of Friday's show Silas had found a Crichton Clark card in Rafe's wallet. It looks like another trip to the clinic may be coming up at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. Be sure to read our interview with Haley Pullos to find out what she thinks about Molly possibly getting involved with the investigation into Rafe.

Nina’s to blame.
Sam grew more and more suspicious of Nina this week, suspecting her of anything she could, including giving Rafe a mysterious wad of cash found in his wallet. Silas told her that Nina wasn’t to blame for every bad thing that happens in town, which was funny because not only is Sam right, but lately it seems Nina’s been wreaking havok no matter where she goes. Nina really doesn’t have to scheme anymore as Sam and Silas are destroying themselves with their fighting over her. Silas is so clueless! I honestly don’t know why Sam or Nina is interested in Silas at all at this point. However Nina is determined to get a baby, if not from Silas then some other way. Every man, woman and child in Port Charles should be very afraid, as who knows what she will do! My money is on seducing Franco.

Fluke skypes in.
Fluke was back and skyping with both Ava and Julian. It will be interesting to see how Ava deals with Fluke's task to kill Kiki's boyfriend Michael. Maura West is so amazing as the devilish Ava, so it’s great seeing her back on our screens. It was clarified to fans this week that Julian knows Luke is a phony, and he filled a stunned Ava in on this. If he knows who Fluke really is, Julian isn't saying so to his sister. I don't think he does know who Fluke is, but whoever he is has both Julian and Ava now quaking with fear. Posters in our forums have been speculating for weeks now on his identity. Many believe the number Fluke calls from, 13-107, is a clue. Guesses as to who he is run the gamut of “General Hospital” villains, but Luke’s believed dead look-a-like cousin Bill Eckert seems to be a popular pick.

Best lines of the week.
Lucy, "I was about to pronounce Maxie and that Levi Dingleberry person husband and wife, or wife and husband, whatever!"

Carly to Sonny after sex, "That was the same..."

Morgan to Rosalie, "We still don’t know if the kid is mine or my dad’s." Rosalie, "Does it ever get any less weird saying that?"

Nina to Silas, "I have issues, I have deep seated issues that I’m not dealing with."

Bobbie to Carly, "Oh you and Sonny, eating pizza and drinking wine!"

Carly to Franco, "What did I do? Find out you were stuck in an elevator and invite Sonny over here? I mean what is he, the pizza delivery guy?"

Nina to Rosalie about Ava, "She’s crazy! She’s depraved!"

Michael on Carly and Sonny, "They’ve been getting their way with each other since I was a toddler."

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- Dustin Cushman