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(Week of April 6 - 10)

At this point, I just don't see how Claudia can produce a positive pregnancy test in time to save her neck. Well, unless she does the ol' soap standard - lie! (Remember when Maxie faked a pregnancy with Lucky? Can you think of anyone else in GH history to stuff a pillow under her shirt and try to look greenish in the morning?)

I would like to see Carly with a positive blood test rest, wouldn't you? For one thing, her health challenges would be a good way to center the soap around an actual hospital storyline for a few months and make good use of the spacious new set. Plus, more and more I'm starting to really appreciate Laura Wright as an actress. Her face is so expressive that I actually feel what Carly's feeling throughout her scenes. I've not been pregnant for ten years now and if, through her portrayal, I can somehow experience that unique kind of joy again I'm all for it! Besides, GH seems to be running short on little ones with an older Michael and Kristina on the way.

I do like the chemistry between Lulu and Ethan, she does like the bad boys doesn't she? I don't recall, has GH ever done the soap classic 'girl falls for boy who turns out to be her brother' storyline? Julie Marie did an excellent job showing her hurt and anger on Friday's show when she laid into Johnny and Maxie for their deception. I'm so ready for Johnny and Lulu to be over at this point. I do not enjoy seeing Maxie return to her dark side with him, however. Besides, no one hurts my Spinelli and gets away with it!

Still not liking Robin and still feeling somewhat guilty for my apparent lack of compassion for her condition.

With all the talk of Nik blurring the lines between Rebecca and Emily, I seem to be doing the same thing. Rebecca has morphed right back into Emily for this fan. No more gum chomping, slouching or rough-around-the-edges grammar choices and voila! - she's Emily again to me. It looks like Lucky's out of luck when it comes to any romance with her at this point. The Prince gets the girl.

So there you have it guys, everything that meant anything to me last week. You?

-Julie Clark Robinson