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The GH Rant from July 28 – August 1:

It's finally starting to heat up in Port Charles as things got explosive this week and it feels good to report it is hard to choose the most significant moment since each storyline had something relevant happen.

Oh, for Heaven's sake.
Jordan meeting Anna in the park, hooking up with Shawn in Mickey Diamond's room, not to mention making a recording of her actions which she ended up getting caught with seemed so very unprofessional. It was unbelievable that the device she planned on recording Mickey with was the same device where she divulged she was an agent. While there was a whole batch of dumb this week, Ava was the smartest cookie in the bunch and never ceased to amaze no matter how annoying her lies got. Maybe she'll be running Port Charles when this mob war is over.

No angel.
Maybe I didn't hear Silas right, but if he called Nina an angel in his drugged stupor, he didn't know he should have meant the angel of death. The biggest betrayal was the one the viewers got when Nina tried to take advantage of a drugged Silas. It's just too bad that everyone else couldn't have a good cry like Olivia. At the very least, Nina should suffer the consequences and be reprimanded into police custody where she'll end up in a cell next to Levi.

A whole lot of schooling went on, Maxi by Lulu, Nate by Nina, Mickey by Julian, Ava by Julian…all got read the riot act. The tensions continued to rise as fingers started pointing at Luke Spencer, now if we could just see who's parading around as Luke.

The Dominator smiles.
What a friend Alice has in Morgan. Bringing David Otunga to visit her at GH was so cool. Alice would smile more if she knew how much Tracy was doing to try and keep control of the situation of what Alice knew about Tracy and Faux Luke. It was probably the most work Tracy's ever done for ELQ.

The end might be near.
Last week's blog was the beginning of the end when Ava escaped Sonny's clutches and Maxie began planning her nuptials. These two marched to the beat of their own drum this week so we can't count them out of anything just yet.

Friday Follow-up.
Sonny and Julian were squaring off as Ava was enticing Faux Luke into a business partnership. On some days it's hard to know who is more dangerous, Ava or Faux Luke. Perhaps each is a worthy adversary for the other. Bratt working together on Operation Bring Spencer Home lost its appeal since it was another Britt created mess which grew old. Nik ate it up though so it will be interesting to see what happens when Spence is found, if Franco allows it. Franco and Spence's pairing was a somewhat interesting twist. Spence's nosiness should make him a great candidate as a future P.I. in Sam's firm. I'm sure at some point Silas will be walking in on Sam and Patrick after the excitement of Nina walking wears off. Patrick knocking on her door just gave me one of those "wait for it" moments since Sam feels unattached and scorned and there is Patrick on her doorstep. Looking forward to Monday.

To Britch or not to Britch?
That was Brad's question and inquiring minds want to know, or hope that it goes away at least. Does Britt have what it takes to continue on as a villainess like her parents? Take's General Hospital Poll: To Britch Or Not?

Let's digress.

Hottest moment – Julian taking care of business to keep his family safe.

Too funny – drunk Olivia crying over "It's Always 'Sonny' in Philadelphia" and trying to save homeless animals. Franco and Ned watching Olivia and Carly argue was worth a laugh too.

Knock, knock – Who's there? Well, that is what Nina should have asked. Her telling whomever to come on in while she was standing. Nate wasn't Rosalie, and it was apparent he wasn't a very good detective at that particular moment. Our hopes were dashed but it was fun while it lasted.

David Otunga – He shared his enthusiasm for being on the show via Twitter. Wrestling fans showed their enthusiasm as well as soap fans who considered taking to watching WWE after Otunga's appearance.

Spine-tingling quote - Luke to Ava, "You have no idea who I am."

Pleasant surprise - Having an Anthony Geary (Luke/Faux Luke) appearance mid-summer.

Mob character to miss - Mickey Diamond, it was fun while it lasted.

Art appreciation shout out - Where does Ava find the time to keep the Jerome Gallery in business? Kudos to the ever-changing art displays.

Best lines of the week.

Olivia to Ned, "Didn't she used to be Carly Corinthos-Jacks? Why'd she take the Corinthos out, who's she think she's fooling anyway?"

David Otunga to Alice, "Dominator, if I could, I'd rip my own heart out and give it to you."

Maxie to Lulu, "How could I forget the worst night of my life? You need to get out more because that was torture, and I'm not talking about the 50 shades kind."

Joss to Spence, "Next time you need to hide out from your dad go to Europe instead."

Julian to Faux Luke, "Peace out b****!"

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- Violette DeSantis