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The GH Rant from June 9 – 13:

The powers that be weren't holding back again this week. The storylines remained robust and ever changing with one hinting at a wrong someone might have done. If that didn't entertain, Teresa Castillo's representation of grieving Sabrina Santiago was worth the price of admission.

Oh, for Heaven's sake.
Please, how clandestine was Anna and Jordan's park meeting really? Anna already has some image issues and was almost too wrapped up in making this all about her but if the commissioner could only see herself unsuccessfully having a covert meeting with Jordan back to back on a park bench she'd laugh herself out of the PCPD. Even more offensive was Duke acting upset after breaking the law, lying to Anna and then confronting her for not choosing them by letting Julian go. Oh can these two get over themselves and stop trying to give themselves permission to break the law. They're both chomping at the bit to do the wrong thing, especially Duke who will continue to have a hard time holding himself back from rejoining Sonny. It's possible any crime family will do. He needs a job.

Baby mamma drama.
It was short but sweet. Morgan caught Ava getting settled and her little heart pined over him for about two seconds before she returned to making herself at home. Max's return was more welcoming than hers but it's sure to get entertaining, the likes of which haven't been seen since Claudia's murder.

Michelle Stafford showed her strengths this week once her character was given the opportunity to open up more on screen with Nathan and Silas. Thankfully they didn't drag out the news that Silas was hooked up with Sam. Now we can focus on the interesting stuff, like if Nina or Sam plan on fighting for Silas. Her reunion with her brother/cousin was touching. Perhaps we can hope to see a confrontation with her mother. Maybe there is something new to learn about who Nathan's daddy is or if Nina has an ulterior motive.

I am not your enemy.
Oooh, the prison visits at the PCPD are so exciting of late. It's really become a great set for divulging so much information. Sometimes it is a little confusing. I kept wondering if someone was watching Anna while she talked to Ric privately. The meeting with Sonny was the best, especially when Ric conveyed that the danger was still out there. Sonny's brain must be working now that he knows the truth about Ava. By the time he reached Duke upstairs at the PCPD he was having an epiphany about Ric possibly telling the truth.

Loose lips…Julian shared what he knew with Jordan about Ric being innocent, thus causing Ric to take one for the PCPD. Maybe this will be followed by a desperate act to avenge Ric Lansing for Molly.

Brad asked for it and who are we to disagree. Bring the Britch back! She's accompanied by a compliant sidekick this time, Brad. The Bratt (Brad and Britt) scheming has begun. They've officially turned into a less annoying version of Fabrina in their efforts to rattle Weepy Webber. Loving it!

A crock of crap.
Everyone was busy calling out the crap. Morgan called Ava and Sonny on theirs. Maxie had no problem calling out Levi's after his disturbing take on Gabriel's passing. Anna in turn was dishing out her own crock of crap at the PCPD when she saw fit to "kill off" Ric Lansing for the good of her undercover DEA agent. I think that was the moment when the crock of crap hit the fan. Some could make a case that Elizabeth had her own crock handy given the fact that she's a fair-weather lover. If it weren't for Diane and Molly, she might not have trekked down to the PCPD to support Ric.

Be strong.
Sure, we were saddened when Patrick and Sabrina lost Gabriel but Teresa Castillo knocked it out of the ballpark in her portrayal of a grieving mother on the edge.

Can anybody find me someone to defend?
Last week's blog covered Diane Miller's return to Port Charles, and gleefully we can blog this week that she stayed on for another case after Maxie's custody hearing. It's unclear if she believed in Ric's innocence or just her own power to persuade Elizabeth into retaining her for billable services, but it's good to have her back. It's too bad her client turned up "dead." Maybe she can fit Max in for a sleepover with her extra free time.

Friday Follow-up.
Who can pick what was most moving by the time the show got to Friday. Elizabeth taking Obrecht's verbal beating before getting fired, Lucas supporting Felix, Alexis trying to help Molly, Maxie and Nathan supporting each other, or Ric's plea to Anna asking what she would do? One thing's for sure, what wasn't moving was Britt asking her mother for help in getting Nikolas back. End note, it's really time for Sonny to move past his obsessing over his decisions. It's another case of loose lips. Did he forget Duke is sleeping with the law? Well, maybe on his good days he is.

Who needs an attitude adjustment?
Rafe. He's slinging insults and sucker punches after lifting all the money from Sam's wallet. What does he have to hide? Thursday's show turned out a bit curious when it implied Rafe was guilty about something having to do with the accident that took baby Gabriel's life. Take's General Hospital Poll: Is Rafe Guilty? to hazard a guess if you think this might be true or not.

Let's digress.

Just the sweetest thing – Molly believing in Ric.

Biggest disappointment – Molly thinking Ric was dead and Elizabeth too. She doesn't need the double whammy of first AJ dying on her and followed by Ric.

Best new nickname – Weepy Webber, coined by Brad.

Biggest unanswered question – Wondering how Nina didn't mistake Sam for Silas' sister-in-law.

Person worse than Julian – Anna, heck she's worse than Sonny and Ava right about now after breaking Molly's heart.

Best lines of the week.

Sonny to Ava, "Till death do us part."

Brad to Britt, "I'm going try to sneak past Lucas' over protective mother and liberate him, come with?"

Brad to Britt, "I am a ray of sunshine. I walk in a room and wilted flowers perk up. Fruit ripens, widows…they feel a second chance at love."

Dr. Obrecht to Elizabeth, "I don't care if you had an audience with David Hasselhoff...there is no willy-nilly at General Hospital."

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- Violette DeSantis