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The GH Rant from April 28 – May 2:

Revenge, romance and reconciliation were the theme this week in Port Charles. Quite a few shared the love while others couldn't find a way to get even fast enough, plus a little mayhem tinged with mystery left us wondering again.

At odds.
Bryan Craig dragged his star performance from last week into this week when he and Maurice Benard showed us some of their best work. Sonny's life was easier back in the day when he had to deal with other gangsters. Now there's more depth to his story and his relationship with his sons will make or break him over time. The current mob storyline shows Sonny being put to the test with more realism than the mob kingpin had previously been portrayed. It was poetic how Carlos was confessing at the PCPD at the same time Sonny told Olivia, "I'm all yours." He could hardly hug her because of all the guilt he's filled with. It's only a matter of time before Michael figures out that Sonny killed AJ, even Kiki thought the shooting was personal. Olivia was clueless, but it's possible that it's hard to see lipstick on those black collars. By Friday, it was impressive to see Ava do what she does best when she tried to make Sonny think she was doing him a favor by sending Carlos up the river. It didn't take him long to grab the opportunity to do her a favor in helping get her out of Port Charles.

Faux Luke.
It became more apparent that Luke is not Luke when he ordered a hit on Ava. Furthermore who is this Julian that has a problem with shooting his sister? In an even more bizarre twist there was Sonny setting Ava up on an island. Given that this all happened in one episode it's quite possible that viewers were watching "The Twilight Zone" or the latest sci-fi version of "General Hospital" that occurs once in a blue moon. We'll have to tune in Monday to see if Julian drops the gun and decides to let Ava catch her plane before she tries to kill him. Fortunately, outside of Connie, her success rate in killing people is low.

The visit with Mac and Felicia brought some levity to the show. It's a given that Mac will never consider anybody suitable enough for his daughter. He was probably wishing for Spinelli to return before things went from bad to worse, but there's still enough time for that.

The writers might be listening to the Happy Song over and over again because there were some cheerful moments squeezed in this week, even if a few were subtle. TJ and Molly, Kevin and Lucy, Britt and Nathan, Ned and Alexis, and Maxie and Lulu. They were all singing their own Happy song in one way or another as they were reconciled or had something to celebrate.

A place next door to happy.
Alexis and Julian had it going on but their hot kiss was interrupted by Morgan's drive to get revenge. Here's to hoping that moment wasn't lost.

Let's digress.

Best dressed – Jordan, in anything she wore, like the red jumper or white trench coat.

Sweetest moment – TJ and Molly sharing a gleeful hug upon learning of his acceptance at PCU.

Most romantic setting – take out for two in the art gallery, which was spiffed up with new paintings again.

Slow on the draw award - Olivia, who's just not getting it.

Nina – or should we say Michelle Stafford? The actress made her debut on the show Thursday. It was a brief sneak peek but fans following the actress were surely celebrating her arrival.

Britt, always the consummate professional. She really is a good doctor and her bedside manners showed through with the premature arrival of Patrick and Sabrina's son. She and Sabrina could have been sisters.

Say again.
When Nathan said, "You're my sister," The look on Britt's face was priceless. Of all the crazy things she had heard about her mother and father and their crazy crimes up to this point…the most surprised she ever looked was when she learned she had a brother. How will she and Nathan react when they finally learn who his father is? The subtle hints are there, and we imagine it will be Victor Cassadine. Let's hope the next holiday function is held on Spoon Island because there will be nothing more exciting than a dysfunctional family get-together at Wyndemere. It's great that the new generations of Cassadines, and Faisons live on. It was surprising Lulu didn't know who Victor was, but I suppose it's been a long time.

You could almost hear the "Mission Impossible" theme music when Thaao Penghlis reappeared as Victor and gave Patrick a phone and a time limit to contact Robin. The phone didn't disintegrate after Patrick's call, but it didn't matter. Patrick made it clear the call was over and pretty much so was their relationship if Robin didn't return home in his and Emma's time of need. It was disturbing to watch Patrick complain to Sam how he thought his marriage was over and not disclose the reason why Robin's work was so important. At least he made an effort to push her away after all of his embarrassing rhetoric.

Friendly miss-fire.
With most of Jordan's time being spent on convincing Shawn that she was a legitimate employee and not a drug dealer, it was hard to read whether or not she was even the bad guy that he was making her out to be. If she's one of the good guys, she might not be very good at what she does if she had Luke and Julian trying to figure her out. That woman has spy written all over her, or maybe it's an extremely classy, bad girl side. Is Julian's trust misplaced? Take's General Hospital Poll to tell us who you think the real Jordan is.

Best lines of the week.

Olivia to Sonny, "How did you manage to separate those two miss-matched lovebirds?"

Scott to Dante, "If I have anything to say about it, Obrecht, that piece of strudel will spend the rest of her life in prison."

Madeline to Obrecht, "Where did you get that? 'Game of Thrones'?"

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- Violette DeSantis