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"We all go through times where we get knocked around and we have to get off the ground. I see him moving into something good, whatever it may be and with whomever it may be."

We know Marc Anthony Samuel best from his role as gay nurse Felix DuBois on "General Hospital," but he has been very busy working on other projects as well, including the new horror film "Savage" and "Hot Guys With Guns." In the latter, Samuel plays Danny, an actor who gets roped into helping his ex-boyfriend solve a string of robberies. The film is like a classic buddy-cop comedy, but with gay lead characters.

Samuel spoke with about the film, which just finished the festival circuit, as well as how his daytime character Felix has evolved since he first stepped foot into Port Charles. What was it about the role of Danny that appealed to you?

Samuel: I have always been the guy who plays the underdogs or the ones on the periphery – the ones who don’t get to be the cool kids at the party. And that is partly how I grew up, but mostly because I have always been someone who has rooted for those types of characters. So when I saw who Danny was in the context of this culture, I knew that he was somebody who I would have a lot of rapport with. Is Danny like you in some ways?

Samuel: Every character I have ever played has something that resonates with who I am as a person, otherwise you are not very interested in it. I would even go further and say that most characters who are in film, the only reason that we as viewers can relate or enjoy who they are is because there is some semblance in their personality of who we are. And that is for everyone. But when I choose roles it is also because I can see a lot of things that are similar in me in terms of the stuff going on inside of them. How did you prep for the action and shooting scenes in this film?

Samuel: [Director] Doug [Spearman] actually had a gun handler work with us and train us on how to properly hold the firearms, how to shoot, positioning, everything. So when we were doing it, it added credibility to it. So we spent a lot of time at a gun range doing that. And it was really fascinating, some of the stuff we learned about the proper holding of the guns. And now I use it in any of the other work I do. I always remember that. How did Danny feel about working with an ex?

Samuel: Within the context of the story Danny did it begrudgingly. One, because he still has feelings for his ex. They don’t have a lack of chemistry or love for each other. They have circumstances which they have made choices about that have put them in this situation. On one hand, we have Pip who is at the behest of his mother who controls him through his trust fund, and Danny who is just choosing to do what his ex wants because he still has feelings for him. So they are both right where they want to be, they care about each other, but as long as Pip (Brian McArdle) doesn’t lose his trust fund I suppose he is going to go along with it. The film is a combination of a noir film and classic buddy flick. Was that difficult?

Samuel: It was a lot of fun. First of all, Brian [McArdle], being a friend already, we already had a dynamic so the buddy side of it was pretty much on lock. And to be able to play a film that pays homage to the noir films in a comedy style, you can’t go wrong there. That was a lot of fun and I was glad to be a part of it. The director has said there will be a sequel. Can we count on Danny and Pip teaming up for another mystery?

Samuel: Absolutely. Thanks to Doug’s writing, they have a real strong connection in the film. I think Doug said that Danny is the soul of the film and Pip is the sex, and together it creates a real dynamic. They are the heart of the film. It is fun to watch what goes on around them in the midst of their post relationship - 'What are we going to do? Where are we at? What is happening with us.' How would you like to see their relationship evolve in a sequel?

Samuel: Some days I wake up and think I would like to see them keep moving closer together and then ultimately being together. And then other parts of me are like, 'What’s beyond that?' It’s not necessarily about their romantic relationship but becomes more profound. Maybe that is where that interesting thing lays. But ultimately it is up to Doug which way he wants to take it. But I am excited either way and can get behind it either way. You seem to have a real knack for comedy and have great timing. Did you train in comedy or does that come naturally?

Samuel: Me and my brothers, we are just a bunch of goofy people. So comedy just kind of runs in who we are. I was trained as an actor, period. Just trying to accept situations and be honest and present and in the situation. So some of those situations may develop into comic moments and sometimes they develop into very serious dramatic moments. I love comedy and it is something that I have enjoyed. I have that perspective on life and so it is kind of cool to be able to flex that. I never sought out to be one kind of actor over another, I just try to be present and honest and no matter how it manifests, as long as I am doing the work right, it is all good. Turning the topic to your role on "General Hospital" as Felix, How would you say the character has evolved since he first arrived in Port Charles?

Samuel: I have seen Felix evolve from the guy who was trying to get up in everybody’s business to now where he has formed really strong bonds with people in the community of Port Charles. He’s not just funny. Because there was a lot of stuff going on with the comedy aspect of it, but now the other facets of his personality are coming out. We have a lot of situations introduced where you can see a loving, compassionate person. You can see a funny person. You can see someone who kind of lightens the tension. He is also a person who is really there for the people around him who really need him. I think we are going to continue to see him develop into a fully multi-faceted human being with things that are going well and things that are kind of challenging, but he will be a full-fledged member of the Port Charles community. Do you think Felix will ever be able to get over what happened between Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas (Ryan Carnes)?

Samuel: Absolutely. You have to look at it in life that we all go through times where we get a little bruised up, our hearts get a little bruised up, our egos get knocked around, but we are resilient. And while it is a fictitious community, it is a microcosm and representation of the human experience. We all go through times where we get knocked around and we have to get off the ground. I see him moving into something good, whatever it may be and with whom it may be. We have seen him be a great friend to Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) and Carly (Laura Wright). What makes him such a supportive person?

Samuel: I think Felix probably has had experiences in his life that have taught him certain things, and he has been able to utilize those lessons when he is talking to his friends, the people he cares about. We are going to see a lot more of his story coming up I imagine, and we will start to learn, this is where he gets that background, and this is why he feels this way. Ron [Carlivati] is doing such a fantastic job of developing Felix, and Frank Valentini, they are integral in really creating and developing this world. I can’t wait for it to be revealed for the fans. I am having a lot of fun doing it. The Nurses' Ball. Is Felix going to be doing a repeat performance?

Samuel: I will say that Felix will be a part of the Nurses' Ball. I don’t want to give away anything because I want people to watch and enjoy and see how it goes down. I will tell you this – you guys are going to enjoy it. It is really a great ball.

"Hot Guys With Guns" is available now for download on Amazon, Netflix, Wolfe Video and iTunes. It will be out on DVD May 6.

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