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The GH Rant from March 24 – 28:

Despite the slow start at the engagement party that continued into this week, things picked up in Port Charles and storylines moved along. For the most part it made us happy to witness a few huge reveals, but all cannot be revealed in a week.

Is that all there is?
Another unsuccessful engagement party went down at Wyndemere. Who knew it would end with police involvement...everybody. Sure, some of us were enjoying the couplings of Sam and Silas, Brad and Lucas, and Ric's sour reunion with Alexis, but nothing says party like closing the evening with a baby reveal to mess with Lulu's sanity. It was no surprise that Lulu couldn't get anyone to believe her. It's likely they were all suffering from low blood sugar since dinner was never served and the kids ate all the appetizers. Not many had an appetite after the reveal though and it was quite impressive how all the people left on one boat at the same time when it took about ten trips to get them all there to begin with. That must explain how Obrecht spirited away little baby Ben. They probably got lost in the crowd during the great exodus. Seriously, it's an island, how far could she get? It bugs me that no one has made an effort to search the catacombs but Greece is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Spoon Island. The baby reveal was better than baby Connie's church reveal during the christening. That says a lot about Wyndemere even after witnessing the near death experience of Brad at the hands of Obrecht. The only complaint there could be about Wyndemere as a party venue is that those stables must be too close to the house, but not close enough for Spencer to cross paths with Sonny at evening's end to tell him what he might have learned while hiding behind some tackle boxes during Luke and Julian's conversation.

It's not me.
No, it's not Ric. It must be easier for Sonny to get played by his enemies in his old age. Faux Luke and murderous Ava have both messed with him in the last few weeks. He's about as smart as AJ when you think about it.

Charisma and dimples.
Tracy was on, she gave Sonny a smack down but it wasn't as entertaining as Nik's smack down on Elizabeth. She got served. Sonny gave us dimples and Elizabeth mustered up a pout before Ric took her and her righteous indignation out the door. Sure Tracy can be so spot on about Sonny as he flashes those dimples but doesn't seem to have a clue that something is still off with Luke.

Obrecht and the Cassadines.
The plot thickens. All's right in soap opera world if we lost Helena but gained Obrecht. Her retelling of the Katherine Bell story was great and apropos given she was ready to whack Brad with Helena Cassadine's cutlery. It was worrisome for a moment. I don't think Brad is a character who should be killed off. Luckily the toss from the parapet was a planned attempt to threaten him instead of outright killing him. The real concern became, what will she do with Elizabeth who can't catch a break from the crazy people associated with the Cassadines. It's not deserved that she became a prisoner but the discussion between her and her new boss was entertaining as Obrecht shared her concern over Elizabeth's lack of loyalty for not losing her job. The doctor has some nerve.

Outside AJ's room.
This was where the real party was going on. Ava was phoning the bad news to Sonny how AJ might never make it. It was hard for her to contain her happiness but her act was good enough to fool Kiki. Carly's act might not be good enough to fool anyone. She was able to contain her disappointment more than her worry when AJ woke up, but she couldn't do the same about her disbelief that Sonny shot him. Wow, the lengths AJ went through to get it out that Sonny shot him. He should have moved a little faster on getting the reason why out.

Sonny and Olivia.
It was a mystery how these two are even really together since we never see them truly bonding. It was easy to be mad at both of them for their argument over which son Sonny should be concerned with. They both ran roughshod over the other. It was awkward after how each of them has just been joined at the hip and this relationship needs some work on screen if it's going to connect with the viewers.

Sam and Silas.
These two have been getting cozier and the gun Sam's packing isn't the only heat between them. They've steamed up the screen a couple times in recent weeks to make up for the weak New Year's Eve date. It's obvious Silas needs a woman in his life, especially one who can deal with the likes of Nina's mother. That would be Sam, no matter what mother-in-law dearest rates her. Nathan is no warmer to people, but he wasn't happy with his mother either. He seems smart enough as a detective to realize that something might be going on now that she lied to him. Too bad Sam and Silas didn't mention that Silas signed away his rights to Nina's money while the young detective was busy trying to sort things out like Silas had an alibi.

It's uncertain how long we'll have to wonder, but one thing's for sure, something about Nina's fortune is important to this storyline? Take's General Hospital Poll to tell us what you think.

Best lines of the week.

Dr Obrecht, "You Americans have such terrible diction; it's difficult to understand you."

Sonny to Alexis, "You don't know the difference between a conversation with a child and a conversation with a gangster." Her reply, "In my experience it's often very similar."

Tracy to Sonny, "In the end, you're nothing more than a charismatic thug with dimples."

Ric to Elizabeth, "Lulu's about to turn this celebration into a crime scene."

Elizabeth to Obrecht, "You're going down Frau Doctor, and so is your daughter."

Silas to Sam, "Why are these parties you take me to always so boring? I don't know what it is…nothing ever happens at them."

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- Violette DeSantis