General Hospital Poll: Who's Behind The Mask? image


Been there, done that, but if they did it again...

It all started when Cesar Faison returned to Anna in disguise as Duke Lavery. As unbelievable and twisted as it was, viewers witnessed Cesar's baby mama, Dr. Obrecht, pose as Anna to help him escape. Now there is concern that Luke Spencer is but a masked derelict from Port Charles' past come to haunt longtime local crime lord, Sonny Corinthos. The jury is still out on that since Luke could be an altered self or a look-alike. While we await the verdict, let's have some fun with other possible masked scenarios.

If you had to witness it again and it wasn't someone removing a Luke mask, who would you choose? Vote in the's "General Hospital" poll to make your selection or share one of your own in the comments below.

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- Violette DeSantis