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The GH Rant from March 17 – 21:

The week started out with everything seemingly not okay for a few characters and in the blink of an eye Port Charles was gathering for a celebration on Spoon Island. Whoa…that came faster than expected after the pace we've become accustomed to in recent weeks, but did viewers get what they tuned in for?

At General Hospital.
There was a lot of activity early in the week at the hospital. In one day alone Sonny wished AJ dead, Patrick had gone mad, Silas and Sam had sex…oh and Monica who presumably never had a negative patient outcome, bashed poor Patrick. Much to our surprise everyone else was preparing for Nikolas and Britt's engagement party. It's almost hard to remember the last time so much activity took place there. When Danny and Franco were patients comes to mind, but that seems like ions ago. It's refreshing when GH is the hub for a bunch of intertwined storylines. The turmoil that played out in AJ's room between Sonny, AJ and Michael was better than Ava's rant and failed attempt to take out AJ last week. Sonny was like that little conscience demon sitting on Michael's shoulder. It was brilliant when he damned both he and AJ to hell. He's in his right mind and is hanging from a thread, continuing to keep his promise to Michael despite Ava's plea to fix it. Patrick, who was struggling in his own love/hate relationship with his absent wife, impressed with his show of humanity. Applaud the writers for not turning him into a compliant character.

Something to hide.
Sam's right, Nathan has something to hide. Viewers are still suspect if what they've learned is real. Madeline as Nathan's mom? I don't think so. Maybe he isn't Silas' son, but it is still questionable if Madeline is his mother. Sam's job as detective would be much easier if Silas had a clue that Nathan was using his mother's maiden name. How can Silas not know Ms. High Society's name. She seemed caught up on Silas be the sole heir to their entire family fortune too. Who has motive now?

Just as viewers might have been hoping that there would be a custody battle more exciting than the one for Rafe, TJ's mom Jordan decides to stay in town. She wasn't deterred that Shawn was, in her words, "Muscle for one of the most notorious gangsters in America." Perhaps she was more impressed given that whatever she was doing was worse than Shawn working for Sonny. Inquiring minds want to know. And sure, it was all fun and games up until Molly met the mother. Hopefully Alexis will have everyone over for dinner soon and we'll see some real fireworks.

You win, here's your consolation prize.
The Wet Towel Award goes to Alexis Davis for her reverse psychology. Telling the kids they could have sex and to go upstairs and have at it was brilliant.

Guess who's coming to dinner.
Well we know that Emily made the pre-party guest list somehow. That had better have been just Nikolas' pre-party jitters because the ghost visits are getting old. It's just sad, but not as sad as Britt's guest of one, Brad, since it is hard to believe she invited her mother. The unexpected guests at the shindig was a nice surprise, Lucas, Julian, Ric, oh, and Cam. It was hard to tell who was over - or under - dressed. Personally, I loved Britt in the black and white number she had on before the party. The gold dress was too reminiscent of party attire for a toga party, if not too regal. At least Ava wasn't on the guest list because she would have stood out like a sore thumb in that green dress she was sporting this week. One could only presume that was in honor of St. Patrick's Day, which we can be thankful for happening a few days before everyone came together at Wyndemere. That begs the question, what is the maximum capacity on the launch to Spoon Island? Emma arrived alone. The Falconeri's, Spencer-Quartermaine's, and Corinthos' party could not leave fast enough once it was there instead of waiting for more guests. I'm not sure I would have changed too much about the evening but do think that the party would have been a little bit more exciting if Kristina was there filming Mob Princess. Some moments from the party were just priceless, including when Luke didn't remember who Britt was. That man is someone else, another Cassadine maybe. It's definitely someone crazy or someone who's a mobster. One thing's for sure, that can't be Luke parading around Port Charles, no matter who we saw Julian meeting in the Cassadine stables.

Uncle Sonny, stepmom Tracy, and boyfriend Lucas.
Three people who rocked that party for various reasons. Uncle Sonny surprised all as the man who could tame Prince Spencer. Tracy reaffirmed her stepmother relationship with Lulu. She's always been Lulu's rock and it was comforting to see. Lucas has endeared his way into Brad's heart. Brad easily referred to him as his boyfriend and it was a joy to see the couple have a serious conversation without unnecessary whining as what was the norm with Felix.

Dear Lulu.
Really? Oh that was going to end well. Brad will surely lose his job when Dr. Dragon Lady gets wind that he is responsible for giving Britt the stupidest idea ever to write her confessions down. He actually sounded surprised when Britt confided that it worked, as if the joke was supposed to be on her. Little did she know at the time that the joke was on her.

I see Lulu.
After suffering through the annoyance of everyone apologizing for discussing Ben in front of Lulu (she seemed to be handling everything well actually - maybe she knew the truth deep down inside), Olivia couldn't help but notice how much of Lulu she saw in baby Ben. If there was ever a good time for a vision, it was months ago, but now would have been a good time too. Nada, we have nothing but her speculation to go on and the catalyst that the three amigos (Cam, Spencer and Emma) were going to deliver into the hands of Britt's keeper somehow by fate. Now it all makes perfect sense, Cam, Spencer and Emma are the three fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, the kids that are going to deliver justice to all of Port Charles' evil doers like Heather and Britt. At the same time, hopefully Spencer's actions have sealed his fate straight past his teen years and Emma will be safe from the little twit, unless Uncle Sonny got through to him.

Can't read my poker face.
Alexis has her work cut out for her but she'll probably be as successful as Ava in getting information from tight-lipped Julian. Do you think you know who's funding the Jeromes if it is other than Luke? Take's General Hospital Poll to tell us what you think.

Best lines of the week.

Emily to Nicholas, "Watch yourself tonight, you know those Wyndemere engagement parties tend to end in tragedy."

Alexis to Sonny, "You're my client, not my pimp."

Tracy to Morgan about Luke, "He's my fiancé, not my parolee."

Luke to Kiki, "I'm engaged, I'm not dead…besides, everybody likes a little hot sauce on the side."

Nikolas to Spencer, "Take it down a notch; you're not the one getting engaged." Spencer's reply, "The night is still young."

Alexis about Britt, "She's living in a mausoleum and she's not complaining…that makes her a keeper."

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- Violette DeSantis