Getting the brush off.

A "General Hospital" engagement party in 1988 Port Charles leaves someone miffed and on the offensive.

Historically, parties in Port Charles usually do not go off without a hitch and Nikolas and Britt's engagement will most likely end in some sort of fireworks unrelated to a visual display in the evening sky over Spoon Island. More surprisingly is that it will probably have nothing to do with the unexpected guest, Julian Jerome, albeit his name holds its own in the annals of engagement party history. In 1988, Cheryl Stansbury tried to make Robert Scorpio jealous by baiting him with Julian.

Cheryl was graciously throwing an engagement party for a soon to be married couple, when Robert arrived. His snub to Cheryl didn't go unnoticed when he proceeded to walk past, giving her the brush off. Later in the evening she managed to catch Robert alone and although Julian wasn't actually a guest at the party, she made certain that he came up in conversation. Playing tit for tat with Robert who mentioned his longing to take time off for a trip to his cabin soon, Cheryl mentioned how she would be whisking herself away following the festivities to spend time with Julian who was in New York. She rattled Robert's cage enough that he decided to leave for the cabin after the party.

The eighties was a pivotal time couple-wise and sometimes it was hard to keep up with who was engaged or married to whom? Take a moment to vote in Soaps.com's Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us which couple Cheryl was throwing the engagement party for.

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- Violette DeSantis