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The rundown from March 10 – 14:

As the week dragged on and on and on, we pined for the desperate and were entertained by a twinge of the absurd while waiting for anyone to get called out for their crimes of passion, attempted murder or baby theft. Too soon? Apparently the writers think so as viewers wait for them to wrap up the overabundance of storylines, a few which have been moving along at a snail's pace.

Two couples were tearing at the heartstrings this week and were thick with nostalgia. Nikolas was set on having one musketeer at his engagement despite Elizabeth's dislike of Britt. Let's have applause for her remedying the situation by accepting Ric's invitation to escort her to the shindig at Wyndemere. Every time the two of them are together, it's easy to think maybe they owe it to themselves to give it a shot for old time's sake. It's easy to feel the same for the other couple steeped in nostalgia, Alexis and Julian. Granted their deal was a one-night stand years ago, it's easy to believe in kismet. The two might be meant for each other.

We didn't see much of him, but what we saw was annoying. This kid is high maintenance and it should be embarrassing for Nikolas the way the kid was running the household. Can't Nikolas crack down on the staff? It was beyond belief how Britt could put up with this but she couldn't make nice with Emma.

Scott, Lucy, Kevin, and Franco.
These characters are a mess - a good entertaining mess. Franco's concern for Scott was touching. Lucy's dismissal of her husband was annoying. She really needs to face facts and come clean about her feelings. Scott's dismissal of Lucy was warranted since she shouldn't continue to lead him on. Kevin's ignorance is blissful…for him anyway. Is there anyone we scream at on the screen more? After suggestions from others that something was amiss between Lucy and Scott, Kevin really didn't seem all that fazed to find her in his hotel room again. Kudos to Scott for his all or nothing attitude, which was sexy. Kevin on the other hand is lacking in the sex-appeal department. Don't continue to come off as all desperate but not have a clue. His profession should allow him to figure out all he needs to know about Lucy and Scott.

Personal grudges.
Here's a salute to personal grudges for bringing about the dark side in all and bringing forth growth in a few characters. Anna may chide Duke for going to the dark side, but girlfriend was focused on the same, revenge against the Jeromes. Julian called Ric, the "man with the plan" which could mean more than one thing, but continues to leave us wondering if his grudge against Sonny was the reason for his return. Patrick's grudge against Victor turned him into a raging maniac in front of his daughter. Molly's revenge pitted her against her mother. Elizabeth's revenge landed her a date. Things are happening, albeit slowly.

First, I just have to say that Olivia rocked in that red dress she wore this week and she worked the room nicely. Sonny's new digs are sweet and the couple made the room sweeter. Second, whoa, it almost seemed deliberate the way she was questioning Sonny as to why Julian wanted to shoot AJ. It went on a little too long though. Wrap it up already. We all know how much she and Sonny hate AJ and are aware that no one has a clue how Ava's playing them.

There were two attempts on AJ's life and when friends and family swarmed to keep an audience with Dr. Patrick Drake, he was left unattended. Congratulations PCPD. Well done. Anna the great detective didn't even consult with Patrick over brunch to clue him in on the fact that AJ was at death's door and it might be nice if the great doctor weighed in on his condition. Luckily, former chief of staff, Monica, didn't break a nail trying to reach him on the phone. It may be a long time since Monica performed any surgery, but it's duly noted that she's keeping well-manicured hands. It's time for this story to reach its end, especially since Ava is as successful as a murdering mobster as Wyle E. Coyote is at catching the Road Runner. She sucks at it and it's time for AJ to wake up and give her up.

Who looks suspicious now?
Sam finally rattled Nathan's cage. Chances are next week we'll hear Nathan greet his grandmother, just a guess. Viewers should cross their fingers in the hope that this story will pick up some speed now as well.

Mommy wars.
Storyline carrying the most baggage, the new mommy war between Britt and Lulu. It's not dead yet and if Obrecht truly caved to appease Britt, we'll be left wondering how long we'll have to endure this baby nonsense. Bring back any dead characters you want to, but don't put a baby in the wrong hands. It's just not right.

Who's behind mask number three?
If anyone was tired of Heather Webber returning week after week from incarceration or the dead, their patience is sure to be tested if Luke turns out not to be Luke. It's obvious something is up. His behavior is off the charts crazy…even Heather might take notice if she crossed paths with his post-Miscavige self. His apology to Monica was nice…too bad it might not be him making it. If Tracy didn't think something was wrong with him before she certainly should have thought something was truly off after that. His infatuation with Kiki was bizarre. As interesting as this storyline has begun, I'm fearful that in a week we'll see Cesar removing another mask. Here's to hoping it is something more creative than that, if not, let's hope the reveal happens at a most inopportune moment, like the engagement soiree on Spoon Island. In the meantime, if Luke isn't really Luke, how would you feel about that? Take's General Hospital Poll to tell us what you think.

Best lines of the week.

Scott says, "I am still the D.A.," to which Franco responds, "To me you'll always be my D-A-D-D-Y."

"Don't believe it's all schnitzel and beer." Obrecht during a heart-to-heart with Britt.

"Don't get your panties in a twist…she couldn't hold a candle to you." Luke to Tracy about Sabrina.

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- Violette DeSantis