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Updated on March 21:

Success! has just been informed that the 9th Annual Contractors For Kids fundraiser has raised 400,000.

CFK Co-founder Kevin G. Harney of Stalco Construction said: "Tonight's reception raised $400,000, making it the most successful event in CFK’s nine-year history. We are grateful to all of those who joined us in recognizing the needs of families that face financial and emotional hardships due to a child's illness."

Here is a taste of what wonderful cases CFK assisted in:

CFK recently assisted the mother of Michael Hubbard, a teenage boy form Riverhead. Michael suffered extensive burns and a cardiac arrest due to a gel candle explosion. The accident caused widespread injuries, a permanent disability, and a prolonged rehabilitation. The boy’s mother sold most of her belongings and lived at a hospital taking care of her son for more than a year. CFK assisted the family with payments for food, cell phone bills, and medical and personal care supplies.

Earlier this year, CFK helped a low-income family by covering all funeral expenses following a sudden death of their five-year-old daughter. In another case this year, CFK has been providing travel expense reimbursements to parents of a four-year-old boy who suffers from up to 100 seizures ever day due to a neurological disorder. The family frequently travels to Boston Children’s Hospital for treatments.

Kudos to all involved.

Originally posted March 13:

A good cause.

"General Hospital" actors Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda Barrett), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine), and Scott Reeves (ex-Steven Webber) will join a host of athletes, New York and Long Island socialites to raise funds for Contractors For Kids (CFK). Contractors For Kids (CFK) is the largest children's charity in the Northeast that assists families of children whom have been significantly impacted by injury and sickness.

The event will take place on Friday March 14 at the Atlantis Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, New York at 5:30 PM. The reception will include a BBQ, a casino, dance floor, games and opportunities to take photos with the "General Hospital" actors and other individuals. The Co-founder of Contractors For Kids Kevin G. Harney stated that the "contributions will help CFK financially assist families of children in need of surgeries, long-term medical care, therapy, and everyday expenses."

For more details on this event and how to assist the organization, visit Contractors For Kids or call 1-888-208-KIDS.

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