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For the love of a woman and child.

A "General Hospital" love began in 1986 Port Charles still gives one reason to protect the love of his life.

Recent events have led Duke to return to the old mantra of telling Anna how everything he's doing he's doing to protect her. If he's said it once, he's said it time and time again, including in 1986 when his efforts to leave the mob were unsuccessful and only embittered by his then mob boss Mr. Big. At that time he was intent on protecting both Anna and Robin.

While running a money-laundering operation, Duke fell in love with Anna and desperately sought a way out of the mob to no avail. Duke was in so deep that Mr. Big was able to manipulate him into marrying Anna who was serving as the police chief. He went even further to cause Duke and Anna's acquaintances trouble. Mr. Big, who turned out to be Anna's co-worker Burt Ramsey, went as far as framing someone with robbery before forcing a few individuals out of town. It seemed taking down the mob needed to be a team effort which included another famous duo to lend Duke an assist in turning state's evidence.

While Duke was trying to escape the mob, escape prison, and escape Anna's disappointment, who in turn decided to return to Port Charles and bring down Ramsey's organization? Take a moment to vote in Soaps.com's Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.

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- Violette DeSantis