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A kiss is not just a kiss.

If we thought Dr. Liesl Obrecht's love of Cesar Faison was off-kilter, the weird-o-meter scale was off the charts in Port Charles when there were hints of something going on between her and Victor Cassadine…especially when they kissed. Pray tell, what could it be that brought these two together and separated them prematurely? It could have been love at first sight, or most likely it was an evil alliance of some sort. Maybe the prospect of having two evil sisters-in-laws was too much for the Cassadine family to bear. Hopefully all will be explained in due time but while we wait, let's consider who the evil duo reminds us of.

If you imagined more than a shared kiss between Victor and Liesl, who did the two of them remind you of the most? Vote in the's "General Hospital" poll to make your selection of a real or fictitious couple eerily similar to these supposed cohorts in crime and passion. Share more in the comments below.

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- Violette DeSantis