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Knock, knock. (ABC)

Ric, Ric Lansing. (ABC)

The rundown from February 24 – 28:

The show surpassed 13,000 episodes and entertained in numerous ways. The sad goodbye, disturbing character return, and young love interrupted were only the tip of the iceberg when murder and attempted murder filled Port Charles with more drama.

Turn back time.
Michael wanted an apology and Kiki wanted to turn back time thinking she jumped into the relationship too quickly! Now was the perfect time for Michael to say she just reminded him of someone who he used to love and it was time to move on. Perhaps a separation would help Michael and Morgan's, or Kiki and Morgan's relationship.

Teen liaisons.
What a romantic way to start out the evening…knowing that Rafe could be lurking in the hallways at the Metro Court. He didn't let us down and ran right to Alexis. He's becoming quite predictable and annoying. If anything could drive a woman away it would be his obsessive behavior. No wonder it seemed like he and Heather Webber clicked when they bumped into each other at Wyndemere. Lucky for Alexis her behavior in trying to stop Molly and TJ from having sex wasn't as crazy, but it was crazy enough since Molly isn't a child anymore. Alexis should be more worried that all of her baby daddies are in Port Charles at the same time.

Sibling rivalry.
The mob war reached new heights this week when Carlos resurfaced. The surprise visit by Ric Lansing was the biggest high though. Personally, his name was on my list of wanted character returns during the fiftieth anniversary. I'm not disappointed as I was hoping he would be involved in the war and it looks like sibling rivalry wins out and his appearance was related to a plot to destroy Sonny again. Next on the wish list I'll be hoping he has an encounter with Morgan and Ava. Other highs were watching Shawn and Sonny working together and Ava's reunion with Carlos. Shawn and Sonny have a different relationship than Sonny had with Jason. They seem to work together more consistently. Shawn isn't 'stone cold' and there is a partnership of sorts that has come into being. Shawn is brain and brawn to a certain extent in a way that complements Sonny. In the Jerome camp, Ava has Carlos on her side, which, with her and her brother at odds, is not such a bad thing…for her anyway. It's too early to say if it's good for him. Ava can turn enemy just as quickly as her brother.

Lack of seQurity.
The Qs really need to get some state of the art security. This family is one of the richest in town and in less than a year there has been two attempted murders from the terrace and a kidnapping on the premises. Come on, Alice can't protect that family 24/7. Monica needs to pay up or pick up one of those telemarketing phone calls offering free service to put an ad on the lawn. Maybe at least the next gunman or crazy person will fall and break their neck on it.

Ric, Ric Lansing.
If any forgot how much fun it was to have Ric Lansing around, Olivia reminded us of his colorful past from before he left town. It was hard not to smile about him being back after hearing it all…especially the part about his affair with Claudia Zacchara. The face-to-face between the two brothers was cool and calculated. For someone who lacked trust in his brother, Sonny might have confided too much about the developments between the Corinthos family and the Jeromes considering the possibility that Ric was backing Julian. Jerry Jacks is always a possibility, but Ric always wanted to stick it to Sonny.

Drunky-drunk brain problems.
AJ needed to sober up. Even his sub-conscious dead alleged-murder victim Connie was much concerned about his 'drunky-drunk brain'. Man, they would have made a great couple. Even drunk, AJ was sporting the most perfect hair, he just couldn't think straight. It was surprising after his confrontation with Ava and his talk with Connie, that he couldn't come up with the possibility that Ava could want him dead. After he did though it wasn't surprising he made the wrong decision again to confront Ava instead of going to the authorities.

Enough with these two already. Nathan won't let on to what I'm thinking…he's Silas' son. It's personal and he went out on a limb to influence Kiki. Why? I'm just surmising that Silas' in-laws kept their daughter from him because she was pregnant and they raised his son.

Delia will do it.
Sam and Silas' visit to New York brought some comic relief when they teamed up with Delia. Glad Delia's back on the scene for a bit and that no matter how minimal her connection was to Ava, she has the power to manipulate her daughter. It was disappointing that her date turned up dead. As convenient as it was that both Ava and Silas were in the city at the same time as the murder, Julian could be a suspect. He really wanted to help Sam with her problem and maybe he thought removing a witness was a good idea.

Stuck with me.
Nik and Elizabeth's stolen moment at Kelly's was bittersweet. Maybe they'll make their way back to each other soon.

Fit as a fiddle?
Luke got his scary on. It was a scarier sight than Faison to see him all pasty-white, including his hair. What went down as Miscavige? Let's hope there is surveillance footage from that joint. Despite his declaration of how fit he was, something's up with Luke.

Worship me.
Carly's plea to Robin for them to exist peacefully for Jason's sake was heartfelt. It was easy to feel bad for Robin as she probably wanted to scream yes but had to remain guarded under the circumstances. The two of them as friends might be more of a miracle than the friendship that developed between Carly and Sam. Both will be greatly disappointed in Robin after they learn she knew Jason could be alive.

Beautiful memories.
After the flop of a funeral that poor Robin had when it was believed she was dead, it was great to have her back to rewrite that wrong and give Patrick and her a goodbye week. It felt like the first love scene the writers got right in a while. The time he spent with Robin before her departure was incredible, especially where he gave Carly a piece of his mind, but was it just building resentment that made him lash out? Here's to hoping Patrick doesn't go into meltdown mode after Robin leaves. The tension between him and Sabrina will definitely be something you can cut with a knife. Will either be tempted to reconsider their decisions with Robin gone? Take's General Hospital Poll to tell us what you think.

Best lines of the week.

"I'm Ric, Ric Lansing." How very James Bond'ish of him.

Ric to Alexis, "At least I'm not the sex police hunting our daughter down in a hotel room."

Ric commenting on Molly's yelling at Rafe, "Wow, she referred to him as a rodent and a reptile, well I'm proud."

Tracy to Carly about forgetting Luke after her rescue, "Oh, ye of patchy memories."

Luke, "I'm fit as a fiddle," and Tracy, "and dumb as a post."

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- Violette DeSantis