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No one will believe it. (ABC)

Bringing down the Britch. (ABC)

"General Hospital" Rundown for the week of February 3 – 7:

Another exciting and dramatically entertaining week graced our televisions and included unexpected news from an undeniably villainous source.'s Editor-In-Chief Christine Fix joins me with her thoughts.

Victor Cassadine and Heather Webber.
Who would have thought that after the multitude of actor returns to the show that it would still be enthralling to witness Thaao Penghlis' return. It's possible that he actually struck fear into Heather Webber when she heard his name, but she didn't miss a beat. Before the man graced Wyndemere with his presence and made it known that he was very much taken with Obrecht, I thought it was possible that viewers witnessed Victor displaying some interest in the comical character claiming to work for Nikolas…or maybe it was just a morbid curiosity. Perhaps his henchmen and her henchmen will acquaint themselves and fill in the missing pieces of many of these storylines, including how Heather has come to be so healthy yet again after a near death experience. For someone who was recently stabbed and near death she sure showed a lot of oomph throwing Carly around the catacombs like she was a rag doll.

Christine notes, "Heather’s a kook. She’s hysterical and Robin Mattson is fabulous. It’s truly difficult to be concerned for Carly when I can’t help think that if Heather really wanted the woman dead she’d use whatever means necessary. I love that she went all the way to Metro Court in order to get another large knife instead of sneaking one from Wyndemere kitchen. Though I love Heather, I don’t recall her getting treated for being stabbed and she looks no worse for being buried alive. A flashback might be a big help in giving this storyline more credibility to those who are complaining of having a difficult time suspending disbelief though if some are not in to sci-fi then there’s a possibility these issues of being unable to suspend disbelief may persist."

She also commented on Victor's return and I cannot agree more with her sentiment..."Presumed dead Victor Cassadine’s return has been fabulous and again, reminiscent of soaps of the past. He hasn’t been seen since 1981. I didn’t watch back then but being a 'Days of our Lives' fan, you can’t imagine my excitement seeing 'Tony DiMera' return to television. Thaao Penghlis rocks any role he’s in. Being that Victor’s so enthralled with Obrecht, one wonders if he’s Britt’s real father."

It was hard to tell which discussion was more riveting this week, Victor manipulating Robin or Sabrina confessing to Patrick. It felt like a transport back in time the way the stories were played out. While Victor revealed his collection of frozen-undead family and acquaintances to a captive audience of one, soapy music was piped in during Sabrina's confession to Patrick. Okay, Victor's tale was more riveting than Sabrina's confession. Apparently the clinic in Switzerland was a purgatory for all the allegedly dead residents of Port Charles. It's where they wait until someone brings them back…or until Victor blackmails someone to help bring them back.

Make room for mutter.
Never was there such a short moment of excitement as when Obrecht threatened Britt so she could stay at Wyndemere. It was becoming so much more entertaining there than at the Quartermaines. Then Victor came in and rained on her parade. She left too soon in my opinion. Spoon Island was attracting all kinds of delightful riff raff; it had become another convention of evil. Amazingly, Nikolas couldn't keep up. Spencer just may be quicker on the uptake than Nikolas these days. He honed in on Victor's activities early on while Nikolas was just getting to the previous day's troubles of his house falling in.

Christine, who's also our "Days of our Lives" writer, was torn over believing Victor actually had Jason cryogenically frozen but it looked like Victor showed Robin the proof, even if she didn't believe it and we didn't see it. We both agree, it's a great plot point with Kimberly McCullough (Robin) leaving. It's starting to look like old home week as it is, Jason is just the next in line waiting to return from the dead again. Christine reminded me to "Never say never in soaps," but it's apparent that a return of Jason won't equate to the return of Steve Burton (ex-Jason). She invites you to weigh-in on the matter where it's been put to a vote. Should General Hospital recast Jason? Right now the majority believe Michael Muhney ("The Young And The Restless'" ex-Adam) would be a likely candidate. We'd like to know if you agree.

Why'd you do me like that?
Franco caused trouble in paradise when he got Kiki involved in his attempted murder rap. It's certain viewers expected that she'd continue to help Franco, but Michael's explosive reaction and her need to go on defending Franco was great stuff, and probably the most passionate the couple's been in a long time.

The cat that swallowed the canary.
Felix and Elizabeth had it going on in the double-trouble club. Surely if Sabrina catches on that Felix is moonlighting his Britt bashing without her she'll drown in a pool of tears because of her pregnancy hormones. If Victor's return was the most fun of all the evil to be had on this show so far this year, Felix and Elizabeth uniting to take down the Britch was most definitely the most fun had at the hospital. How exciting after Lulu found the rash on Ben's arm which Christine found to be "very old school soap," especially with the surprise reveal that Dante suffers from the same affliction. We think we can hear a collective sigh from fans that this baby story may come to a head soon.

And yet another baby reveal.
The Sabrina and Patrick baby storyline cut to the chase this week. Record time for this soap and none too late considering where Robin may be headed. Christine presumes Sabrina will be back with Patrick in no time and questions what will happen to Robin in the future.

AJ remembers.
How much excitement can we endure? What a week for him to remember that he didn't kill Connie and that Ava was at Crimson that night. Now will we have to endure him making a misstep by confronting Ava instead of going to the authorities?

Sam and Nathan.
Funny how much harm Sam has done to Silas while trying to help him. She and Nathan make a great team if Silas wanted to look at it that way. I'm suspect that Nathan is more to Silas than Silas realizes. This seems to be a personal vendetta.

Shirley Jones.
It was the second guest appearance by a star in two weeks. Shirley Jones is great and Christine shared that although she's not a big fan of guest spots, she thought it was nice to see Jones as Mrs. McClain. She appreciated the character "giving Franco the stink eye for using his hands to dig the grave, you know, like any other 'normal' grave digger."

Father Julian.
Julian can't get anywhere with his son and daughter relationship-wise. He got nowhere fast with Sam and his recent attempt to get somewhere with Lucas has left him confused and unsure. Lucas is a strong man and confronting Julian by coming out and embracing who he is and how his adoptive parents raised him was excellent. The ball's in Julian's court now. At least he has made an impression on Alexis who recognized his efforts with Sam...while sampling a few of his talents.

The craziest.
Each week seems to run between crazy and crazier. This week two of the craziest were in close proximity albeit unbeknownst to each other. How do Dr. Obrecht and Heather Webber measure up against each other? Take's General Hospital Poll to tell us.

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- Violette DeSantis & Christine Fix