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My marriage is over. (ABC)

A job well done. (ABC)

"GH" Rundown for the week of September 23 - 27:

This week Sonny continued to spiral out of control, Morgan and Ava got closer and baby Connie's christening began. It was one of bombshells and surprises.

It's party time.
What a wedding reception!
Sonny just couldn't help himself while off his meds and decided to reveal that Morgan had hoodwinked Kiki into marrying him. Morgan's plan to keep Kiki in the dark about not being a Q reeked of desperation. It was a case of 'all's well that ends well' when Carly was able to settle Sonny down and get him to take his meds...finally. Who knew his ex-wife of all people would be his saving grace?

Michael and Kiki can now have the relationship they wanted. Being a real life couple really shows through in their scenes which will make their relationship on screen more tolerable. Kiki tried to slow Michael's push when he suggested they move in together. The ink isn't even on the divorce papers and Michael was already trying to bring his reality into manifestation. Luckily, Kiki wanted to do the right thing and end things with Morgan first since she initially thought her and Michael were cousins.

Sam and Silas are getting closer, which is a nice change considering Silas doesn't want Ava anymore and Sam needs something positive after all of the heartache she's faced in the last year.

Hitting the sheets.
They say that when you need to let out your disappointment that taking up an activity or hobby is the best course of action. Ava and Morgan apparently received that message loud and clear. Not only did they hit the sheets once, but they were about to hit them twice before Michael and Kiki showed up to give them both a piece of their mind. There was hope that when Kiki gave Ava a backhand slap that "GH" would splice in 'Pow!' and 'Wham!' like the Batman comics. Morgan's mom, Carly, was the first to discover that Ava and Morgan had done the horizontal hula. Shocked and appalled, Carly yelling at Morgan like he was still a child was annoying. Carly apparently forgot that she and Sonny let Morgan get off scot-free with everything he's been up to. The whining Morgan made about Michael this and Michael that hopefully won't go on much longer. Carly finally got the memo when Morgan told her that he was a grown man. Let's see how long that lasts because Morgan will need his mommy and daddy as soon as he racks up some more gambling debt. But maybe Ava will step in, play cougar again and save the day.

Patrick better watch his back given Carlos' career as a dynamite artist. Seeing the expression on Patrick's face when he walked in on Carlos and Sabrina was hilarious. Why Patrick was having such a difficult time believing Sabrina was a very odd considering she tolerated his grief over Robin for what seemed like eons?

Godfather Spinelli.
Dante and Lulu are shaping up to be great parents as they were able to calm Connie down with a bottle and Dante giving her a pep talk. Spinelli looked like he was going to have a meltdown after Dante asked him to be baby Connie's godfather. Spinelli has always been a complex character, but this storyline has brought out several layers that the writers have barely scratched the surface of before. Bradford Anderson is doing a remarkable job of playing the heartbroken proud papa of a baby he can't raise.

Looking back on this storyline, the writers have paced it brilliantly as it appeared based on Tracy's comment about searching for Luke in Connie's face and Brad waiting in the pews, that Maxie and Spinelli will finally have the chance to unburden themselves with this more than six month whopper.

Paint the rage away.
The Carly/Franco relationship slowly started to bud this week with Franco handing Carly an easel to take out her fury on. One can only hope the budding relationship begins sooner rather than later as it was starting to drag on a bit.

The Brik combo.
Britt's really trying to do the right thing, either that or Nik is just very nice. Brad was definitely right that it looks as if Nik's got a thing for the doctor and that she has a thing for him. What will Elizabeth do if Britt and Nik actually end up in a relationship thoug? Oh the drama.

Brad and Felix.
It looked as if Brad and Felix were finally moving in the right direction with Brad wearing Felix down by trying to give him a box of chocolate covered cherries. Felix deserves a relationship that will hopefully make him happy after that Milo debacle, if only he could get past Brad's past sins. Perhaps a relationship with Felix will allow Brad to atone for them.

Madame Cassadine returns, kind of.
Luke should know by now that Madame Cassadine never stays dead and has more lives than a cat. The moment Luke called out for Jerry in the lab and Helena walked out instead caused a huge chuckle to emerge on my face because he thought that she was dead after he shot her on the Haunted Star. Too bad all it ended up being was a very, very odd hallucination from the illness Luke has. Drats!

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- Kyle Jarmon