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Despicable. (ABC)

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"GH" Rundown for the week of August 12-16:

This week the focus shifted from the who’s your daddy story of Kiki – mystery solved! – to the convoluted who’s your daddy mess among Britt, Patrick, Maxie, Dante, Spin, Ellie, Obrecht and the meddling roommates Sabrina and Felix. The closer the due date for the two babies, the more anxious we are for the truth to come out - and that includes bringing back Robin. That has to happen soon, right?

Morgan and Michael.
Broken record here, but Morgan is just despicable. That’s all there is to it. Michael was beyond brave to ask Kiki to call off the wedding in front of Morgan, so it was a real punch in the gut when his smug face informed him they were already wed. And when Michael planted the seed that Morgan already knew the truth he threw a fit like a little spoiled kid getting caught instead of even answering the question. Just ugh. Can’t wait to see how Michael reacts when he finds out Sonny knew all along about this and deliberately hid it from him. Not only was it just wrong in general, but the older Michael gets, the harder it is going to be for him to continue to justify Sonny’s reasons for doing what he does, especially when he claims it’s for the family. That is Sonny’s supposed reasoning here, yet look what it has done to Michael. Yeesh - talk about driving Michael right into AJ’s waiting paternal arms. If Sonny tries to pin the fallout from that on Connie, he deserves to lose her.

The Singing Falconeri’s.
Mac and Felicia’s engagement party was a nice distraction, and other than a way to keep vets Lucy and Kevin involved in the plot, it was a great karaoke showcase down at the Rib. Kevin and Mac as Norma and Eve was definitely the highlight. But why was there some new guy running the bar? No Coleman? A travesty. Coleman would have caught Obrecht spiking champers with propofol before the first drop hit the bubbles, and maybe even seduced her while he was doing it.

As Lulu said, a party isn’t a party without a little drama, but once Lucy remembered her little encounter with Obrecht in the park, it was already too late for Duke. Although his collapse has done some good for Duke in that it has reminded us that he was once a baddie with enemies and not always the softie wearing makeup and a tutu for little Emma and mincing around with relish squabbles at ELQ. Regardless, it was nice he woke up so quickly and was able to tell Anna who was at fault so we don’t always have to wait forever for plot to move forward.

Who’s your daddy?
Maxie continued to stress through her pregnancy alone and it’s about time this secret is over so she can get back to the wacky and bubbly Maxie instead of this morose mama-to-be. Every heartfelt supportive word from Dante and Lulu or heart-to-heart with Felicia is like a knife.

And speaking of in-the-dark-daddy’s, Britt’s admissions to Patrick about her devious ways were a start, but of course were only done as a last ditch effort to bring him close to her now that she sees how much he loves the baby. It seems the more trouble her mother gets into in Port Charles, the softer Britt comes off. She has the makings of becoming a real dynamic character with legs thanks to her deep roots in the history of the show. Never thought it would be possible to like the Britch, but it’s happening. But with baby Caesar or Rocco on the way her shaky redemption shouldn’t last for too long.

Mama Bruchess.
Of all the Daytime soaps, none have a way with creepy characters wrought with tongue-in-cheek humor like "General Hospital." I mean, let’s take a moment and remember Faison wearing the latex Duke mask last year. Classic. And Heather of course. Obrecht is another perfect example of this, what with the schatzies and sauerkraut obsession. Her sultry solo at the engagement party certainly gave Mac and Kevin’s drag show a run for its money. So does Obrecht beat all with her accent or is there another villian in Port Charles you prefer?

Polonium poison club.
Obrecht’s obsession with Anna dovetails nicely with the Robert/Holly/Sean business in Switzerland - er- Corinth, Pennsylvania. Didn't see them bringing in the serial killer plotline that ushered out the soap opera Loving. Super fans might recall that Faison was a character on that show too, so there is the tie in. Got to love the writers for mining every bit of history to create these layered plots.

The Jeromes.
Ava’s big reason for keeping Kiki from Silas was love and passion? So not buying it. Unless she loved Silas enough to keep him from her mob family? It’s possible after Julian’s little visit to her after Duke’s drugging. They both thought the other had something to do with it so that says something. Dante warned her he would find out more about her family – let’s hope he holds true to this and sinks more into the mob side of things.

Closing in.
How awesome when Anna came knocking on Britt’s door, guns blazing. Now this is the showdown we’ve been waiting for! Anna was not having any of her crap and did what we've been dying to happen for months and cuffed her. Her threat about babies being born in Pentonville all the time was a nice touch. Anna has her mojo back - mess with her but don't mess with her man.

The wedding.
If all Richard Simmons achieved by his appearance at the wedding was calling Monica the tramp champ, well, we’ll take it. But now that Maxie’s water broke, his little outburst will be a distant memory. Here we go!

Kevin’s analysis.
Can we get some more therapy sessions with Kevin? He is so calm and full of gentle but intense guidance.

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- Hollie Deese