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"GH" Rundown for the week of August 5-9:

The first part of the week was a delicious setup for the fallout that came the last few days after the front-page story about Kiki’s non-Q-ness darkened doorsteps all over town. From there, it didn’t take long for selfishness and desperation to set in for quite a few people in Port Charles in a way that was so unflattering more than a few downfalls are in order.

What isn’t wrong about Morgan? He is really racking up the intolerable points and is so immature and selfish it’s hard to see anything redeeming about him at all. When he made Alice cut her big night short when she was finally getting a little bit of shine - just to serve him and Kiki for all of two seconds - was the ultimate low. Ugh! I guess, if anything, he leaves us yelling at the screen, so boring it isn’t. Still, there is something so disgusting about his rush to get Kiki to the altar that goes beyond typical spoiled kid antics. It speaks to a total lack of respect for her as a person and reduces her to a thing he thinks he deserves to have.

Connie happened.
Connie's headline maker on the front page did more to shake up Sonny than vampires and poisoned water supplies combined. When she went against his wishes she took a stand against what makes Sonny tick – expecting loyalty from those in his inner circle at all costs. Sonny knew what he was doing was wrong but insisted Connie go along with it for the sake of the family. Really, it was just a desperate attempt to buy Morgan’s love, and now that Connie called him on it, everyone will have to pay. Except Olivia – she is in prime position to get everything she wants. Sonny comes crying to her, laying all the blame at Connie’s feet, all the while keeping the real reason he was mad at Connie for printing the story to himself. Sonny is wrong and he knows it.

In fact, everyone’s outrage at the story about Kiki's parentage being made public is in itself outrageous. The truth is the truth people!

Lots of lovemaking.
Just about everyone got some this week, some for the first time and others, maybe for the last. Amazing what a little sex did for Liz’s outlook on life. She was ready to do battle for her man with Tracy after one night at the Q estate. It's been a long time since Liz got in a good cat fight and she held her own against Tracy. It helped that they both were arguing from the heart what they truly felt. Tracy actually told it like it was in her mind – AJ hasn’t really worked his whole life. Duke is doing a lot of heavy lifting at ELQ, and his initial response to the news was to storm Connie and make it all about him, not a second thought for how it affected Michael. Liz made some good points herself about Tracy ruining the company in the first place. At this rate the only sensible CEO to appoint at ELQ is Michael. At least his problems are more of the romantic variety. Tracy and AJ are both alike in their self-destructive tendencies so they should both be out at ELQ.

AJ's outburst.
AJ's initial assumption that Connie printed the story solely at Sonny's request just to hurt him was so typical. Even after he had time to cool off, he didn't, and never once gave consideration to the son he spouts is his whole reason for clinging to ELQ. Connie's right - what would be so wrong leaving Tracy with the mess she has made of ELQ and starting a whole new business with Michael. That doesn't sound too unreasonable. Wonder if Liz would have been fighting so hard for AJ back at the mansion if she had seen his hands wrapped around Connie's neck? At least she was witness to his threat that she'll pay. Bet that little comment comes back to bite him big time. That and his comment to Liz later that he would have killed Connie had he had a gun on him should plant some serious doubts in her mind about his character. Should, but we'll see.

Silas’ quest.
Ava’s desperation levels were at an all-time high, pulling a knife on him in order to keep him from Kiki. During their brief close contact, it also seemed like she was a little desperate for a little loving from Dr. Feelgood. He should watch out – she has black widow written all over her. And that means Sam better watch out too. But the big question is why did Ava keep the truth about Kiki's father a secret all these years anyway? Preferring Kiki believe her father was a serial killer over Silas is pretty extreme. Vote about what you think Ava's motivation was, or comment below with your own theory.

Dejá vu.
Ah, so close and yet so far, Sam's father appears to be right under everyone's noses, especially Alexis. Heck, he even approached her, sure he knew her from somewhere, which seems an odd thing to do if you are obviously trying to hide your identity while conducting shady business with your shady sister. It seems unlikely a professional like Julian Jerome would be so careless, but maybe that's the affect Alexis has on him. And with Shawn on the outs, maybe Julian can move in with a meatloaf banh mi of his own.

Luke's adventure.
Luke's journey to get the money for the cure continues to rope in vets, the latest being Sean Donely and his mystery vial. Is it possible he and Luke suffer the same fate?

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- Hollie Deese