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"GH" Rundown for the week of July 22-26:

Despite a desperate engagement and an appearance from Diane, the most cheerful thing in town was Sam’s bubblegum-pink nails. From "P-Diddy" and Sabrina’s totally depressing tumor-tinged pillow talk to Taylor’s sad attempt at getting older male attention, Port Charles was a not-so-fun place to be this week. Maybe that’s why Mac wasn’t around to prevent underage drinking at the Rib and Anna was MIA during the whole Franco fiasco.

Or something.
As unromantic and inappropriate as Morgan’s proposal was, it had the delicious side benefit of sticking it to Ava. She was clutching that rocks glass like it was a couple of extra shares of ELQ. She’s the one who wanted them together to save her butt and now they are – ha! Now he’s calling Ava mom while holding out his hand for more money and deceiving his fiancée in the most disgusting way. Move over AJ – there’s a new screw up in the house and he isn’t even a Q.

And it was about time Morgan's parents got mad at him about something. Maybe if they were a little tougher Morgan wouldn’t have gambled away $50,000 online. He was a student at prestigious Vanderbilt and now is living in the Quartermaine boathouse for goodness sakes. Although they have been lax now, when Carly and Sonny decide on something everyone in their way better watch out.

Gone away to die.
Laura got all up in Tracy’s face and it was about time we saw some real emotion from her. She seemed to just be going through the motions for months now, but the news of Luke’s poisoning seems to have finally snapped some passion and purpose into her return. Tracy needed to unload anyway - this was an unfair secret Luke asked her to keep. As for Scotty, when it comes to Luke and Laura he is always going to be second-best. He has spent too much of his life pining over someone who will always pine for another. And she should just stop leading him on and end it.

Sam’s father.
Alexis’ shame spiral about how Sam was conceived is totally believable and sad and Nik has become a solid and sane person for many people to lean on, including her. Maybe Liz is starting to realize that about him too, considering it is the opposite from the stumble-into-trouble AJ.

Corporate raiders.
Tracy's plan to take over ELQ became more of a reality, bolstered by Franco’s risky surgery and Ava's proxy of shares. So when the votes came in ousting Tracy, not AJ, we were left wondering who flipped the script. I guess with the donor for Danny found we need another whodunnit.

Stone Cold Crazy.
The big conversation between "Jason" and Franco on the bridge served one important purpose, and that was to reinforce Franco’s jealousy over Jason getting everything while Franco got nothing. Growing up alone, fending for himself, discovering on his own as a child that he wasn’t a Frank at all, but a Moore. And then realizing that Jason gave away all he had to be a killer. But getting to the point where he would sacrifice Danny to save him from the same fate - that tumor is no joke. There was no better person to stop that madness than Stone Cold’s best friend Carly. Someone had to while the PCPD was still trying to figure out what happened. Even she seemed sucked in and it seemed like this was her chance to say the things to Jason she never got to say before. Pretty emotional stuff.

In fact, it seems that this moment on the bridge may have raised some other, possibly tingly, feelings in Carly for Franco. Think about the shame and guilt Carly will put on herself if she goes there with Jason's evil twin - her roll in the hay with AJ would have nothing on that. Of course, with Franco's surgery complete but his fate unknown, it leaves us wondering what is to become of him in Port Charles. Vote about what you think below.

More hospital drama.
Silas putting Morgan in his place when it came to Kiki was more than satisfying, and it was good to see he wasn't too caught up in Danny's case to forget about his nagging feeling that Kiki was his own. It would have been nice if he could have coordinated the whole bone marrow donor, brain surgery thing a little better, but that's GH for you. Also, with Kiki's spit on file he should be able to find out the truth about her paternity without any help from anyone else so why is he even bothering?

Brad's reveal that he was in love with Felix was a little surprising but doesn't excuse all of the sexual harassment he has been slinging at the hospital. His tip to find Britt's mom, now that might be worth it. And despite Liz's best efforts, Nik continued to get close to Britt, but with Brad's maternal tip to Felix, we'll see how much longer Nik's good faith will extend to Britt. Liz and Nik aren't through by a long shot.

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- Hollie Deese