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"GH" Rundown for the week of June 3 - 7:

This week outdid the previous and left a feeling that there might still be something to celebrate after 50 years. The remaining veterans pulled off a coup while a number of newer characters worked their magic.

The vets.
Luke and Tracy never fail to entertain. They can be falling in and out of love for the umpteenth time and always hold our attention. As dramatic as they try to make it, sometimes the best part is the humor, something "GH" always has going for. The scene at the hospital was funny where Luke wanted Lulu to believe they were there for Tracy and he shoved her in a wheelchair. Monica ended up in on the action as well. She's a vet who's been sorely missed and it's great to have her around now that AJ is alive.

Sonny and Carly have been out of play as a team for quite a while. Man, when those two put their heads together it's easy to see why they should be kept apart, but it's nice that they aren't sometimes so it can add to the drama. It's questionable that Carly would want to be this involved in the business after trying to keep Michael and Morgan out of it, but if there's one thing Carly's game for, it's revenge. It's too bad no one is considering how Michael will feel about putting a hit on his uncle.

Sniper Shawn.
It probably wasn't what they were going for and it wasn't a funny moment, but what the heck was Shawn doing on the Quartermaine patio trying to take out Franco in the living room? This is when comedy doesn't work. Did someone think that scene made it to the cutting room floor, because it didn't? Carly running around doing that would be more believable than Shawn in that position.

Goings on at Michael's place.
Anything happening between Michael and Lauren/Kiki seems contrived and it'd be nice if it would end. They shouldn't be forced to be a couple based on chemistry they had when Kiki was Starr. Bryan Craig is doing a great job as Morgan; even though it's weird the character left for school a polite little boy and came back an obnoxious twit. Since Kristina aged out and left home and Michael has matured greatly, it's nice to have a character with Morgan's bite.

Dr. Silas Clay, Enforcer of Medicine.
Seriously, were they trying to model this character after Jason Morgan, the mob enforcer? Dr. Clay is about as dark and disturbing as they come. A good diagnosis from this doctor would make a patient feel ill. The subtle reference that no one knows blood like he does seems to say a lot for how undecided the writers might be about this character. Is he really Caleb?

Some of the finest comedic moments this week happened within the walls of Felix and Sabrina's apartment. At first it was quite disappointing that Taylor immediately bonded with The Britch. Since Taylor has a great deal more sass than Sabrina, it would have been nice to see someone put Britt in her place. Maybe there is still hope. Britt is more likeable every day in the very sense that she is very unlikable. May she never suffer the fate of Lisa Niles. Her character is core and cool as the quintessential troublemaker, a lot like the character of Luke. Viewers know it will be entertaining when Britt is in a room.

Frank Q.
Franco got his Quartermaine on this week. He really made a play for a fan base and I'm a fan. Last week was a bit of a drag for the character as storylines were fleshed out in front of viewers to support his existence but things changed. Fans of the actor want this character to work and he got off to a great start in week two. A lot of humor was involved, his baiting of Monica, his attempts to humor Diane (great to see her back as well), and his encounter with Olivia and Connie. Not to mention a bit of the sinister side, his encounter with Ava. Overall, there was probably a collective sigh of relief that he didn't return as Jason Morgan or Jerry Jacks.

The stories.
The prevalent theme right now is the Quartermaine shares. Now that Lauren/Kiki might give a thought to how the other half lives since she's broke, she might turn to counting Quartermaine shares like Michael did this week. Tracy, AJ, and Michael were visibly considering the implications as soon as Franco came on the scene. It was as eerie as the second major storyline, the hit called on Franco. For drama's sake they had to go there. It's more believable than vampires and frozen people returning from the dead. Fans would be let down if there wasn't a mob story in celebration of fifty years. Here we have it, no matter how distasteful Sonny and Carly's actions are. It'd be nice if this wasn't all about Franco though, and there was something to Ava being a Jerome. After all Carly's history with Sonny and trying to do the right thing for her kids, is she not thinking clearly? Vote in our GH Poll: Dangerous Territory and share your thoughts.

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- Violette DeSantis