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Gathered together. (ABC)

I slept on the couch. (ABC)

"GH" Rundown for the week of May 20-24:

We can honestly say there was a wedding, possibly a heartbreak or two, and a definite disturbance in the Quartermaine/Corinthos families. And now that everyone has been visited by a ghost - via text - will we finally get to find out who the blonde-haired man is?

Scott and Laura.
It was a long-time coming, but Laura and Scotty finally married each other. The wedding brought forth much needed closure to a few decades of history. It was time to move on and it was touching how Nikolas opened his home to what was left of his family. Lulu's attendance was bittersweet and it was moving when she apologized to Lesley and Laura for not remembering her history with her family. Elizabeth and AJ made quite the entrance as a family unit without intending to and Lulu was equally supported by Dante, the husband she couldn't remember. Special mention goes to Lesley for officiating the wedding and to the beautiful cake. It was stunning.

Luke and Tracy.
The writing was on the wall and Tracy did what was necessary to not be a victim of Luke's desperation. Their scene was must see TV. Shame on Luke for taking advantage of his women through all the years they gave him. Even a Quartermaine has dreams and they're greater than what's important to Luke Spencer, his bottle of scotch.

Hellish relish.
Like the gift that keeps on giving, this little nugget delivered a tale of sabotage and extended the unlikely partnership of Nikolas Cassadine and Tracy Quartermaine. There's no denying that watching those two trying to do business together was as exciting as watching AJ and Carly dislike each other in public. Sweet.

Mama bear one and two.
Carly and Samantha must have been competing for mother of the year in Port Charles. Sam had dug her heels in to keep Rafe from Silas and Carly realized she needed to be concerned for Morgan when it came to Kiki. She just might need to be concerned for Michael when it comes to Kiki too.

Kiki and Morgan…and Michael.
This was probably the most sympathy I'd ever had for a character. Poor Michael suffered through Morgan and Kiki's sudden live-in arrangement. Those two could not have been any worse as houseguests than they already were. It's quite possible they would make the worst neighbors as well. I'd love to see them move in next door to Dante and Lulu. Not only did the poor guy give up his bed for the sole purpose that Morgan and Kiki could - ahem - go for it, but once he left they were doing it on his new bed, the couch. Worst houseguests ever.

The little things.
It was the little touches in dialogue that worked here and there. Sometimes it was the things that weren't even said. Who knew one character could go unnamed for a whole week and still be a big part of the picture?

Heather, Lucy and Kevin.
It was nice to see a few of the older characters stick around for a bit. Not sure how long we'll have them all along with Laura and Scotty, but they are welcome. Heather added an air of mystery, Lucy added something different and Kevin added to all things Lucy. Actually, it was good to know Kevin had a storyline even if we weren't privy to the patient or the problem yet.

Oh goody! Another party.
Viewers didn't know what kind of party they were invited to other than it was tied to a dead man. Imagine how jarring it must have been for Carly, Liz and Sam to open a text and see Jason's face staring back at them. For us, it can only mean one thing. Was Sam right? Is Jason still alive?

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- Violette DeSantis & Hollie Deese