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"The Chew." (ABC)

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"GH" Rundown for the week of May 13-17:

The pace was a little slow this week, but a comfortable one filled with new character additions, a Quartermaine war, and a family out to protect one of its own.

The clash of the condiments.
It will be hard to relish the thought of buying Pickle-Lila or Pickle-Eddie after the events that unfolded on "The Chew." Things seemed to be going so well. Tracy had a guardian angel hell bent on getting her to "The Chew" on time. She credited daddy, but my money's on Luke for creating a diversion for Tracy to escape. This is one storyline that continues to get crazy and it's all downhill from here. Tracy overheard that Carly and AJ slept together. AJ regretted not coming clean with Elizabeth earlier. Now he has to keep in line or lose Elizabeth.

Mob sisters.
Olivia and Connie were a hoot. Those Bensonhurst ladies rocked eating pizza and guarding the bad guy. It was the least they could do after those bozos trashed Crimson and threatened their lives. Maybe Sonny should marry Olivia, at the very least she should be his next hired gun. She looks more experienced than Milo.

Mob brothers.
Michael really went to bat for his brother. He was always the rock and protector in his family. The task of saving Morgan was not an easy one and in the end Sonny's intervention was necessary. It was one of those moments that left us pulling for the mob boss. Morgan appeared to have replaced Kristina in the handful department. Dragging him back to Port Charles should prove exciting.

Cuckoo for Kiki.
Sonny wasn't feeling the same as Morgan when Morgan requested to take Kiki with them back to Port Charles. Apparently Kiki's mother needs to go over the family tree because she doesn't know anything about being a Quartermaine or about being a Jerome, as in the Jerome mob family.

Magic Milo.
The only thing magic about Milo was the fact that he was never fully clothed. He's no hero, he's a naked man who could cook and clean. As much as that once sounded sexy, after about the umpteenth time that Dante found him prancing around in his exercise shorts we could only side with Dante. Dude, put some clothes on already while you make those smoothies.

Pirate Luke.
Luke left to bring back the Haunted Star and came back a pirate. You could tell by the way he gave pirate advice to his son-in-law. That's the piece of advice that sounded much like a kidnapping, but must be okay because it was shared with the son-in-law…the cop. One wonders, if after Luke gets liquored up at The Floating Rib if he intends to kidnap Laura and has Dante grab Lulu so they can head off into the sunset.

Welcome home.
Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson are new characters, but they came back to us. Alderson is playing Kiki, Ava Jerome's sassy daughter who was nothing but trouble for poor Morgan and Michael this week. Easton is Clay's estranged brother who is a doctor in NY. Sam didn't appreciate his lack of a bedside manner. He ruffled her feathers enough that we know if these two ever got together, it might be epic. Howarth was still a mystery. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say he's a Quartermaine.

Scott and Laura.
Not sure if this will turn out as planned or if Luke will stop it again, but Scott and Laura are planning to wed. If breaking your mother's heart by choosing the one man she thinks you shouldn't isn't bad enough try adding that you're getting married on Spoon Island. I doubt there's a romantic Cassadine island anywhere in the world. It would be hard to think of a funnier wedding scenario at this point. There was no one to marry them on Spoon Island yet. Lulu didn't know anyone there, but they were all her relatives. Add to that, the fact that Lulu wondered if it was a weird thing that she didn't like Scott. They just needed Luke to show for the piece de resistance.

There were so many challenges to overcome this week. Let's consider who had the most control over the situations presented to them. Take the GH Poll: Altogether and vote for who could withstand the pressure.

Check out the new girl in Port Charles, when Samantha Logan cast as Taylor DuBois.

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- Violette DeSantis